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The Chemistry of Ants. IV. Terpenoid Constituents of Some Dolichoderus and Iridomyrmex Species

GWK Cavill and H Hinterberger

Australian Journal of Chemistry 13(4) 514 - 519
Published: 1960


Terpenoid constituents have been isolated from the following Dolichoderus and Iridomyrmex ants. Dolichodial, a novel dicarbonyl compound (C10H14O2), has been extracted from D, acanthoclinea clarki (Wheeler), and D. acanthoclinea dentata (Forel). It has also been obtained from I. myrmecodiae (Emery). The known compounds, methylheptenone and iridodial, have been isolated from I. nitidiceps (Andre). D. diceratoclinea scabridus (Roger) yields (i) methylheptenone and iridodial, or (ii) isoiridomyrmecin, or (iii) dolichodial, dependent on the ant colony. Such variations in the nature of the chemical secretion of different colonies of ants, which are taxonomically indistinguishable, have not previously been reported. Similarly, I. rufoniger (Lowne) yields (i) methylheptenone and iridodial, or (ii) dolichodial.

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