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Studies on dhava tannins. I. The isolation and constitution of a gallotannin from dhava (Anogeissus latifolia)

KK Reddy, S Rajadurai, KNS Sastry and Y Nayudamma

Australian Journal of Chemistry 17(2) 238 - 245
Published: 1964


The isolation and purification of a gallotannin from dhava, an indigenous leaf-tanning plant, is described. The gallotannin from analysis and other degradative studies was found to be an octa- or nonagalloylated glucose. The glucose core of the tannin is established by hydrolysis experiments using alkali. Further, by methanolysis and other reactions it was shown that the tannin contains a β-penta-O-galloylated glucose to which chains containing at least three galloyl groups are attached.

© CSIRO 1964

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