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Copper(II) complexes of the bidentate chelate di(2-pyridyl) sulphide

R Driver and WR Walker

Australian Journal of Chemistry 21(2) 331 - 337
Published: 1968


Copper(11) complexes containing the chelate di(2-pyridyl) sulphide (dps) are described for the first time. They include (i) mono complexes of the type Cu dpsX2 (X = Cl, Br, NO2, and 2X = SO4); (ii) five-coordinate bis complexes of the type [CuX dps2]ClO4 (X = Cl,    Br, SCS, and NO,); and (iii) the bis complex Cu dps,-(ClO4)2,H2O. Attempts to prepare the compound with X = I yielded the yellow copper(1) complex Cu dpsI. These compounds have been investigated by physicochemical methods and are discussed in the light of known copper(11) complexes containing nitrogen chelates.

© CSIRO 1968

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