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Electron impact studies. XXXVII. Skeletal-rearrangement fragments in the mass spectra of alkyl and aryl isoxazoles

JH Bowie, RKMR Kallury and RG Cooks

Australian Journal of Chemistry 22(3) 563 - 575
Published: 1969


The mass spectra of substituted isoxazoles are reported and discussed. The spectra of isoxazoles are strikingly different from those of oxazoles because the initial fragmentations of isoxazoles involve N-O bond fission. Specific skeletal-rearrangement processes are observed in many spectra, and it is proposed that they proceed through azirine and oxazole intermediates. Certain fragmentations have been studied by deuterium labelling. The hydrogens attached to an isoxazole ring do not randomize with the hydrogens of the methyl and phenyl substituents.

© CSIRO 1969

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