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Psychotridine, a C55H62N10 Alkaloid From Psychotria beccarioides (Rubiaceae)

N Hart, S Johns, J Lamberton and R Summons

Australian Journal of Chemistry 27(3) 639 - 646
Published: 1974


Psychotridine, the major alkaloid from Psychotria beccarioides Wernh. has the molecular composition C55H62N10. It has been shown to be related to hodgkinsine, and a structure (4) derived from five Nb-methyltryptamine units is proposed. Mass spectral evidence for the structure is supported by the conversion of psychotridine through a pentamethiodide into a penta-indolenine base, analogous to the tri-indolenine base derived from hodgkinsine Nb,Nb',Nb?-trimethiodide. The structure is also supported by comparison of the 13C N.M.R. spectra of hodgkinsine and psychotridine.

© CSIRO 1974

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