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Studies of Australian Soft Corals. XII. Further Cembranolide Diterpenes from Lobophytum crassospiculatum and a Correction of a Previous Stereochemical Assignment

A Ahond, BF Bowden, JC Coll, J Fourneron and SJ Mitchell

Australian Journal of Chemistry 32(6) 1273 - 1280
Published: 1979


Three new cembranolide diterpenes from Lobophytum crassospiculatum are reported. The structure of one of these was deduced from spectroscopic data and chemical degradation, then confirmed as (E,E,E)-6,10,14-trimethyl-3-methylene-trans-3a,4,7,8,11,12,15,15a- octahydrocyclotetradeca[b]furan-2(3H)-one (3), by synthesis from the previously reported (2). The other two diterpenes,(4) and (5), are shown to be the epimeric 15-acetoxyl derivatives of (2).

© CSIRO 1979

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