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Supersonically expanding reacting flows : the chemiluminescent Sn/N2O reaction

JC Mackie and J Nicholls

Australian Journal of Chemistry 34(2) 271 - 282
Published: 1981


A supersonic flow reactor comprising a shock tube and convergent-divergent expansion nozzle has been developed and used to study the chemiluminescent reaction between tin atoms and nitrous oxide. The reaction has been found to excite the a-X, b-X and A-X transitions of SnO and rate constants for formation of the three excited states have been found to have the same activation energy, 25±5 kJ mol-1. Estimates of branching ratios have been made on the basis of experimental measurement and kinetic modelling and an assessment of the Sn/N2O reaction as a possible electronic chemical laser is made.

© CSIRO 1981

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