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Deuterium isotope effects in liquid-liquid phase diagrams: Water + phenol and water + 2-methylpropanoic acid systems

DV Fenby, JR Khurma, ZS Kooner and RF Smith

Australian Journal of Chemistry 36(2) 215 - 221
Published: 1983


Phase-separation temperatures Tp have been measured for the systems H2O+C6H5OH, H2O+ C6H5OD, H20+ CsD5OD, D20+ C6H50H, D2O+ C6H5OD, D2O+ C6DsOD, H2O+ (CH3)2CHCO2H and D2O+ (CH3)2CHCO2H. For water+ 2-methylpropanoic acid, the differences in the Tp-x curves for the exchange and no-exchange systems are striking. For water + phenol, on the other hand, the effect of deuterium-exchange reactions on the Tp-x curves is very small. The results for all systems are in accord with the qualitative predictions of the Rabinovich theory, which accounts for deuterium isotope effects in liquid-liquid phase diagrams in terms of hydrogen bond and London dispersion interactions. Molar excess enthalpies and molar excess volumes at 300.15 K are reported for the system water + 2-methylpropanoic acid. The results are compared with those for water + acetic acid.

© CSIRO 1983

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