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Structural studies of polyhalogenated monoterpenes from Plocamium species

RJ Capon, LM Engelhardt, EL Ghisalberti, PR Jefferies, VA Patrick and AH White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 37(3) 537 - 544
Published: 1984


Extraction of Plocamium mertensii and an unclassified Plocamium species found off the Western Australian coast yielded (1R,2S,4S,1'E)-2-bromo-1-chloro-4-(2'-chloroethenyl)-1-methyl-5-methylenecyclohexane(3) and (1R,2S,4R,5R,1'E)-4-bromo-1,2-dichloro-5-(2'-chloroethenyl)-1,5-dimethylcyclohexane (4) respectively. The structures and absolute configurations were established by single-crystal X-ray crystallographic structure determination.

© CSIRO 1984

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