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The Determination of Fluoride-Ion Activities in Moderately Concentrated Aqueous Hydrogen-Fluoride

P Mctigue, TA Odonnell and B Verity

Australian Journal of Chemistry 38(12) 1797 - 1807
Published: 1985


A lead-lead chlorofluoride electrode has been used to determine fluoride ion activities, aF-, in 0-6 M aqueous HF. Our data show that aF- increases, passes through a maximum and then decreases with increasing HF concentration. The conductivities of concentrated HF- water mixtures have also been measured. Both the conductometric and potentiometric data are used in the development of a quantitative model of the equilibria existing between fluoride ions and HF molecules in the solutions studied. The data support the view that the ions (HF)2F-, (HF)3F- and (HF)4F- are important species in moderately concentrated aqueous HF.

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