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Lewis-Base Adducts of Group 11 Metal(I) Compounds. XXV. Synthesis and Structural Properties of Tris(Triphenylphosphine)Copper(I) Perchlorate and Nitrate

JC Dyason, LM Engelhardt, PC Healy, HL Klich and AH White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 39(12) 2003 - 2011
Published: 1986


The compounds (PPh3)3CuOClO3 and (PPh3)3CuONO2(as its mono-ethanol solvate) have been characterized by single-crystal structure analysis. Crystals of the perchlorate are trigonal , P3, a 18.748(8), c 11.731(6)Ǻ, Z 3, and are isomorphous with the chloride and tetrafluoroborate structures. R was 0.062 for No = 1452 independent 'observed' reflections. Cu-P distances are 2.314(5), 2.313(7) and 2.317(8)Ǻ for each of the three molecules in the unit cell. P-Cu-P angles are 114.5(3), 114.4(3) and 115.6(3)°; Cu-O are 2.32(3), 2.23(3) and 2.23(3)Ǻ. Crystals of the nitrate are monoclinic, P21/n, a 14.875(5), b 23.349(7), c 14.141(7) Ǻ, β 91.73(3)°, Z 4. R was 0.045 for No = 4066. Cu-P distances are 2.312(2), 2.337(2) and 2.339(2)Ǻ; P- Cu-P angles are 114.15(7), 121.37(6) and 113.42(6)°. The nitrate group is monodentate with Cu-O, 2.174(4)Ǻ and Cu-O-N, 124.8(4)°.

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