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Lewis-Base Adducts of Group-11 Metal(I) Compounds. XXX. 3:1 Complexes of Triphenylphosphine With Silver(I) Halides

LM Engelhardt, PC Healy, VA Patrick and AH White

Australian Journal of Chemistry 40(11) 1873 - 1880
Published: 1987


3 : 1 adducts of triphenylphosphine, PPh3, with silver halides, AgX, have been characterized for chloride, bromide and iodide by single-crystal X-ray structure determinations, the chloride as its diacetone solvate. Crystals of the chloride, [(PPh3)3AgCl].2(CH3)2CO, are triclinic, P1, a 13.654(4), b 14.059(4), c 13.970(4) Å, α 84.82(2), β 87.71(2), γ 75.68(2)º, Z 2; the structure was refined to a residual R of 0.061 for No = 2428 independent 'observed' reflections. Crystals of the bromide, [(PPh3)3AgBr], are trigonal, P3, a l9.366(6), c 10.787(6) Å, Z 3, R was 0.054 for No = 2362. Crystals of the iodide, [(PPh3)3AgI], are monoclinic, P2l/n, a 18.993(8), b 13.807(4), c 17.781(8) Å, β 96.11(4)º, Z 4; R was 0.042 for No = 3691. Ag-Cl, Br, I respectively are 2.533(4), 2.671(6)-2.691(4) and 2.858(1) Å. Ag-P for each of the three structures respectively lie in the ranges 2.558(5)-2.582(4), 2.528(3)-2.549(7)and 2.544(2)-2.780(3) Å.

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