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Two New Bromotyrosine-Derived Metabolites From an Australian Marine Sponge, Aplysina sp

R Xynas and RJ Capon

Australian Journal of Chemistry 42(8) 1427 - 1433
Published: 1989


Two new bromotyrosine-derived secondary metabolites, aplysamine-1 (5) and aplysamine-2 (6), were isolated from an Australian marine sponge, Aplysina sp. The structures were assigned on the basis of detailed spectroscopic analysis, and the tertiary amine salt character was revealed by conversion into the corresponding free tertiary amines. Cooccurring with (5) and (6) were the known antibiotic compounds (+)-aeroplysinin (1) and (3′,5′-dibromo-4′-ethoxy-1′-hydroxy-4′-methoxycyclohexa-2′,5′-dienyl)acetamide (2).

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