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Reaction of t-Butoxy Radicals With Cyclic Alkenes Studied by the Nitroxide Radical-Trapping Technique

WK Busfield, DI Grice, ID Jenkins and SH Thang

Australian Journal of Chemistry 44(10) 1407 - 1415
Published: 1991


The pattern of reactions occurring between t- butoxy radicals and a number of cyclic alkenes has been investigated by the nitroxide radical-trapping technique. The major reaction pathway is allylic abstraction unless this position is at a bridgehead as in norbornene where the major pathway is radical addition. The technique is sufficiently sensitive to identify minor reaction pathways of non-allylic substitution and radical addition when in the presence of extensive allylic substitution. Some stereoselective effects are also detected.

© CSIRO 1991

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