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Cometins (A-C), New Furanosesterterpenes From an Australian Marine Sponge, Spongia sp.

S Urban and RJ Capon

Australian Journal of Chemistry 45(8) 1255 - 1263
Published: 1992


The known marine furanosesterterpene furospinosulin-1 (1), together with three new furanosesterterpenes, namely cometin-A (2), cometin-B (3) and cometin-C (4), were isolated from a marine sponge, Spongia sp., collected during commercial trawling operations in the Great Australian Bight. The structures of these metabolites were determined by detailed spectroscopic analysis and chemical derivatization . The antibiotic property of the crude ethanol extract of this sponge was attributed solely to the furanosesterterpene tetronic acid cometin -A (2).

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