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On the Bonding Behaviour of Transition Metal Ions in Inorganic Solids—Optical and Epr Spectroscopic Studies on Anhydrous Phosphates and Phosphate-Silicates of Ti3+

R Glaum and MA Hitchman

Australian Journal of Chemistry 49(11) 1221 - 1228
Published: 1996


TiPO4 (green), Ti4P6Si2O25 (purple-red) and TiP3O9 (blue) show a remarkable variety of colours . We compare the results of optical and e.p.r. spectroscopic measurements on these compounds with d-electron energy levels for Ti3+ obtained by using the angular-overlap model. Thus, a unified set of angular-overlap model bonding parameters for the description of the spectroscopic behaviour of Ti3+ in anhydrous phosphates can be derived. The σ-interaction was assumed to depend on the nth power of the Ti-O bond distance, and it was found that optimum agreement with experiment occurred with n = -4.5. For the correct reproduction of the experimentally observed ground-state splittings it is necessary to allow for anisotropic π-bonding interactions between titanium and the oxygen ligands linking Ti-O coordination polyhedra.

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