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Artificial Photosynthesis: Energy, Nanochemistry, and Governance

The introduction sets the papers collected for this Research Front which arose from the 2011 Lord Howe Island conference on Global Artificial Photosynthesis in the context of the scientific and governance challenges for a Global Solar Fuels project. This Research Front represents the first dedicated to such a theme and its significance is highlighted by the fact that 2012 was the United Nations’ Year of Sustainable Energy for All.
Published 27 April 2012

Towards Hydrogen Energy: Progress on Catalysts for Water Splitting

Gerhard F. Swiegers , Douglas R. MacFarlane , David L. Officer , Amy Ballantyne , Danijel Boskovic , Jun Chen , G. Charles Dismukes , Graeme P. Gardner , Rosalie K. Hocking , Paul F. Smith , Leone Spiccia , Pawel Wagner , Gordon G. Wallace , Bjorn Winther-Jensen , Orawan Winther-Jensen
Australian Journal of Chemistry 65 (6) pp.577 - 582