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The value of Atriplex (Saltbush) and Kochia (Bluebush) species as food for sheep

AD Wilson

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 17(2) 147 - 153
Published: 1966


Penned sheep were fed on species of Atriplex or Kochia, either alone or as supplements to a roughage diet. The intake and digestibility of the diets, and the weight change of the sheep were recorded. The digestible dry matter intake of A. nummularia and A. vesicaria was sufficient for maintenance of the sheep, provided that fresh water was available. There was little seasonal change in the quality of the Atriglex diets.

The intake of a protein-deficient roughage was not altered by the addition of 150 g dry matter of Atriplex or Kochia as a supplement. Body weight loss was decreased or gain increased, but neither significantly, by the addition of these supplements which were high in nitrogen.

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