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Quantitative inheritance studies in sugar-cane. I. Estimation of variance components

DM Hogarth

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 22(1) 93 - 102
Published: 1971


Two experiments in quantitative genetics were conducted, one based on a nested design in lattice squares and the other on a factorial design in a balanced lattice. Lattice designs were found to be suitable for genetic experiments if a large number of crosses was involved, but posed some problems in partitioning the sum of squares for treatments. The factorial design was considered preferable to the nested design, although neither design permitted estimation of epistatic variances which, therefore, were assumed to be negligible. Additive genetic variance was found to be more important than dominance genetic variance for most characters. However, most estimates of genetic variance lacked precision in spite of the use of large, precise experiments, which illustrated the difficulty in obtaining estimates of variance components with adequate precision. The validity of assumptions made for these analyses is discussed. The effect of competition was studied and estimates of heritability and degree of genetic determination were determined.

© CSIRO 1971

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