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The seasonal incidence of Ixodid ticks on cattle in an elevated area of South-Eastern Queensland

RW Sutherst and DE Moorhouse

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 23(1) 195 - 204
Published: 1972


The seasonal incidence of the ticks Boophilus microplus and Haemaphysalis longicornis in an elevated area of south-eastern Queensland is described. B. microplus had three generations during the year, and exhibited very large increases in numbers from generation to generation in the warmer months. Despite this, the area was considered to be marginal for this species, in view of the long winter break in reproduction and the limited longevity of the larvae. The three instars of H. longicornis exhibited discrete periods of activity in the warmer months but no instar was active in the winter. Ixodes holocyclus was also recorded, but the data were insufficient to demonstrate any definite seasonal pattern of activity.

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