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The relationship between voluntary intake and mean apparent retention time in the rumen

RF Thornton and DJ Minson

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 23(5) 871 - 877
Published: 1972


The relationship between mean apparent retention time of dry matter in the reticulorumen (RD, hr) and the daily voluntary dry matter intake (ID, g/day) of six dried panicum diets was determined on sheep which were offered fresh feed every hour. RD was measured by emptying the reticulorumen via a large rumen fistula. ID for the six diets by the sheep with fistulae was slightly higher than, and correlated (r = 0.99, P < 0.001) with, that previously found when the same diets were offered to intact sheep. ID varied from 659 to 1355 g/day and RD from 13.3 to 27.1 hr. These two factors were inversely related:

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