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Co Editor-in-Chief – Sergio Atienza

Dr Sergio Atienza

Dr Sergio Atienza's primary research interests are devoted to the use of plant genetic resources in breeding. His main work is focused in grasses, where the use of the wild barley Hordeum chilense as a useful resource for breeding in the Triticeae has a predominant role. In addition, he contributes in other research projects in legumes and olive. In all these species, the application of genetics and genomics is being used to manage the germplasm resources, and to identify genes and/or QTLs as a first step to develop marker-assisted selection strategies.

Dr Atienza has developed scientific collaborations in Europe (Spain, Italy, Holland, Croatia, Germany and France) and overseas (Australia). He is an active participant in the plant breeding research community (Plant Breeding Section, Spanish Society of Genetics) and has been an Associate Editor and long-term member of the Editorial Board of Crop & Pasture Science. Sergio has extensive experience in reviewing papers and project proposals, editing journals and books. He is the author/coauthor of 43 publications in peer reviewed journals and authored 2 invited book chapters.

Dr Sergio G. Atienza
Crop & Pasture Science
Departamento de Mejora Genética
Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Apdo. 4084, E-14080 Córdoba
Telephone +34 9 5749 9260
Fax +34 9 5749 9252

Co Editor-in-Chief – Zed Rengel

Winthrop Professor Zed Rengel

Winthrop Professor Zed Rengel has been involved in research in plant sciences, including crop and pasture science, for 29 years. He has established extensive scientific networks in Australia and overseas and has been involved in many collaborative projects worldwide. Zed has extensive experience in reviewing papers, editing journals and books, and communicating orally and in the written form.

Zed is currently the Program Leader in Institute of Agriculture, University of Western Australia. He has been the recipient of 7 research prizes, 16 fellowships (e.g. Humboldt, OECD, Japanese STA, French Government), 4 Honorary Professorships (Nanjing Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, HuaZhong Agricultural University and Lanzhou University) and 6 Visiting Professorships (including Cornell-USA, Okayama-Japan, KVL-Denmark and Gissen-Germany). He was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate (Dr Honoris Causa) by the University of Zagreb and was elected Foreign Fellow of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He was elected to some of the most important international discipline committees and councils [e.g. International Plant Nutrition Council, International Committee for Phosphorus Cycling in the Environment, International Committee on Phytoremediation & Ecosystem Health]. Zed gave 43 invited keynote addresses at international Conferences. He also gave 205 invited seminars at 51 Universities and Institutes in 23 countries.

Zed is the author/co-author of 310+ publications in peer-refereed international journals (including 2 invited Tansley reviews in New Phytologist) and 39 invited book chapters. He has edited 6 books and 7 Journal Special Issues. Zed is currently serving as an editor for 2 journals (J Plant Nutr-USA, J Bot-India), associate editor for Crop Sci-USA and as a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of 8 journals (including J Exp Bot-UK, Crop Research-India, J Soil Sci Plant Nutr-Germany, Tree Physiol-Canada).

Zed publishes in most of the highly-ranked journals in plant sciences, analytical chemistry and agriculture and soil science. The papers have been cited more than 5000 times [excluding self-citations; his h-index is 41 (ISI, September 2013).

Winthrop Professor Zed Rengel, FCAAS
Crop & Pasture Science
School of Earth and Environment
University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway, M087
Crawley WA 6009
Telephone +61 8 6488 2557
Fax +61 8 6488 1050

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