Crop and Pasture Science Crop and Pasture Science Society
Plant sciences, sustainable farming systems and food quality


Crop and Pasture Science (continuing Australian Journal of Agricultural Research) is an international journal publishing outcomes of strategic research in crop and pasture sciences and the sustainability of farming systems. The primary focus is broad-scale cereals, grain legumes, oilseeds and pastures. Papers are encouraged that advance understanding in plant-based agricultural systems through the use of well-defined and original aims designed to test a hypothesis, innovative and rigorous experimental design, and strong interpretation. The journal embraces experimental approaches from molecular level to whole systems, and the research must present novel findings and progress the science of agriculture.

Crop and Pasture Science is read by agricultural scientists and plant biologists, industry, administrators, policy-makers, and others with an interest in the challenges and opportunities facing world agricultural production. To facilitate accessibility and clarity, research papers should address a clearly enunciated hypothesis, and the Abstract should define the novel outcomes.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Centres of origin and diversity of crop and pasture species and associating these centres with traits of agronomic interest, including quality and disease resistance
  • Plant genetic improvement using molecular or traditional approaches. Papers which map QTLs for metric traits and which can validate the utility of the markers in breeding will be particularly relevant. Genetic maps are not published unless they incorporate traits of agronomic value or concern comparative mapping among species of agricultural relevance
  • Transgenic research should show a direct relevance to agriculture. Papers demonstrating improvement for traits not readily amenable to traditional breeding are important
  • Genotype X environment research and innovative statistical approaches to understanding G X E
  • Plant soil relations
  • Plant water relations
  • Crop and pasture agronomy research, the findings of which advance the science of agriculture
  • Plant pathology and entomology which increase our understanding of the biology of the interaction and lead to improved management. Research on the genetics of host parasite interactions is relevant
  • Novel cropping options and systems to improve productivity and which attempt to present the findings in a broad context
  • Integrated land and water resources management in agricultural systems
  • Impacts of changing climate on crops, pastures and agricultural systems


The journal also publishes:
Farrer Reviews that are prestigious, invited reviews where the author is a world leader in their research field in crop and pasture science.
Critical reviews that interpret the literature in an original and innovative way as well as indicating fruitful areas of further research. The reviews may be current reviews which focus on exciting new developments in a relevant field, or take a more historical perspective. Historical reviews must in all cases point to new research directions which will advance the science of agriculture.
Viewpoints and Comments on topical and emerging areas of research or policy.
Thematic Sections and Special Issues summarising research outcomes of interdisciplinary and cooperative research.