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Thaumastochelopsis wardi, gen. et. sp. nov., a new blind deep-sea lobster from the coral sea (Crustacea : Decapoda : Nephropidea)

AJ Bruce

Invertebrate Taxonomy 2(7) 903 - 914
Published: 1988


The nephropid lobster family Thaumastochelidae has so far only been recorded from the Northern Hemisphere in the central Atlantic Ocean and in Japanese waters, where two species of Thaumastocheles, the only genus of the family, are known. The discovery of a new genus and species in the Coral Sea is the first occurrence in the Southern Hemisphere and provides additional knowledge of this littleknown family. A modification of the diagnosis of the family is made to include the new genus, which has reduced but mobile eyes instead of obsolete fused eyestalks as in Thaumastocheles. The new lobster, Thaumastochelopsis wardi, gen. et sp. nov., was obtained from a depth of 452 m.

© CSIRO 1988

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