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Synoptic checklist of ascaridoid parasites (Nematoda) from fish hosts

NL Bruce, RD Adlard and LRG Cannon

Invertebrate Taxonomy 8(3) 583 - 674
Published: 1994


A synoptic list is given of all the ascaridoid nematodes known from fish hosts, totalling over 500 binomial combinations. The checklist consists of four lists: A, recognisable names; B, names based on larval forms; C, incertae sedis; and D, species inquirendae and nomina dubia. These lists total 357 names. Of these names, fewer than half (45%) fall into the category of recognisable names. A further list of host names, cross-referenced to the checklist, is also provided.

© CSIRO 1994

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