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Eggs and Larvae of the Four-winged Flying Fish, Hirundichthys speculiger (Valenciennes)

ISR Munro

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 5(1) 64 - 69
Published: 1954


The eggs of the four-winged or mirror-finned hirundine flying fish, Hirundichthys speculiger (Valenciennes), are spawned off the New South Wales coast in masses attached to floating objects. The eggs are heavier than sea-water and employ floating objects to buoy them at the surface. The eggs adhere by means of cords of long filaments attached to one pole of the egg membrane. Specific identification of the eggs is based on the arrangement of these filaments. A sample of naturally spawned eggs was maintained in culture for 15 days. The larvae appeared to feed on ciliate protozoans after absorption of the yolk sac. The eggs and early larvae are described and illustrated.

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