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The Australian Portunids (Crustacea: Portunidae). IV. Remaining Genera

W Stephenson and B Campbell

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 11(1) 73 - 122
Published: 1960


Keys to the Indo-Pacific subfamilies, genera, and species are given. Subfamily names are discussed, Portuninae being used in a new sense and Macropipinae being proposed for Alcock's Portuninae.

Catoptrus and Aeneacancer are synonymized with Libystes and Ovalipes respectively so that 11 genera (Carcinus, Nectocarcinus, Libystes, Carupa, Ovalipes, Macropipus, Lissocarcinus, Caphyra, Lupocyclus, Scylla, and Podophthalmus) containing 17 species are recorded from Australia, including two new species. Whole specimens, male abdomens, and male pleopods of these are illustrated and full descriptions are given in selected cases.

© CSIRO 1960

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