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The biology of a landlocked form of the normally catadromous salmoniform fish Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns). II. Morphology and systematic relationships

DA Pollard

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 22(2) 125 - 138
Published: 1971


Following a brief outline of the systematic relationships of a number of species comprising the Galaxias maculatus species complex, the morphology of the "landlocked jollytail", a lacustrine galaxiid from Lake Modewarre (south-western Victoria), is described and compared with that of the normally catadromous stream dwelling species G. maculatus and a number of other closely related forms belonging to this complex. The probable systematic status of the landlocked jollytail and its relationship to the other forms included in the G. maculatus species complex are then discussed in the light of both the above morphological evidence, and ecological and behavioural evidence from a previous study of the life cycle and discussion of the probable origin of this lacustrine form. The conclusion is drawn that the landlocked jollytail should probably be regarded as no more than an isolated "ecological race" of the normally catadromous stream-dwelling species, G. maculatus.

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