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Age and growth studies of New Zealand Marine fishes, 1921-90: A review

LJ Paul

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 43(5) 879 - 912
Published: 1992


The development and use of age and growth studies on New Zealand marine fishes are reviewed. A summary of studies on 62 species is given. In view of the wide range of approaches and variation in the level of validation, the studies are not interpreted in detail, but-where available-age at maturity and maximum recorded age are given. The species for which von Bertalanffy growth parameters are available are listed, but, because of variation in the quality of results, not the values. The direction being taken in ageing studies in New Zealand is discussed: age validation, routine ageing of some major commercial species (leading to modelling), basic age-growth information on little-studied species, and theoretical studies on fish ageing. A comprehensive bibliography is included.

Keywords: otolith, scale, length frequency

© CSIRO 1992

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