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Trace metals as tracers of dredging activity in Cleveland Bay — field and laboratory studies

AJ Reichelt and GB Jones

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 45(7) 1237 - 1257
Published: 1994


This study has investigated in detail trace metal concentrations in Cleveland Bay in the central Great Barrier Reef and assessed the significant carrier phases of several metals during a simulated disturbance of sediments designed to investigate the effects of dredging. Organic, iron oxide and carbonate phases were shown to be important carrier phases for several trace metals. The application of an acid-leach technique to monitor labile or pollutant concentrations of copper, zinc, lead and nickel in sediments collected from coral reefs sampled before and after two dredging events in 1991 yielded useful information on the fate of dredged sediment. Trace metal contamination close inshore was attributed to port activities, sewage discharge and urbanization.

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