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Gardening & Horticulture : Horticulture

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  Pest Management of Turfgrass for Sport and Recreation
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  Soil Health, Soil Biology, Soilborne Diseases and Sustainable Agriculture
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Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change   Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change
Chris Stokes, Mark Howden
A fundamental resource for preparing Australia's primary industries for the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095953 - AU $ 64.95    
Australia's Poisonous Plants, Fungi and Cyanobacteria   Australia's Poisonous Plants, Fungi and Cyanobacteria
Ross McKenzie
A full-colour, comprehensive guide to the major poisonous plants in Australia affecting both livestock and humans.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643092679 - AU $195.00    
Australian Agriculture   Australian Agriculture
Ted Henzell
A journey through Australian agricultural practices from colonial times to modern day.

Australian Native Plants   Australian Native Plants
Mark Webb
All about Western Australian plants, based on decades of research, experimentation and application at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103214 - AU $ 39.95    
Australian Planting Design   Australian Planting Design
Paul Thompson
This second edition identifies and explores all aspects of developing better planting designs on any scale.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107014 - AU $ 39.95    
Biodynamic Manual   A Biodynamic Manual
Pierre Masson
This is an invaluable guide for all biodynamic growers to have to hand daily.

Paperback - ISBN:9781782500803 - AU $ 44.95    
Biodynamic Orchard Book   The Biodynamic Orchard Book
Ehrenfried E Pfeiffer, Michael Maltas
Brings together the best advice for cultivating fruit trees, berries and shrubs using biodynamic methods.

Paperback - ISBN:9781782500018 - AU $ 24.95    
Cabaret of Plants   The Cabaret of Plants
Richard Mabey
Mabey's Magnum Opus: an in-depth, beautifully-written and insightful exploration of humans and plants, from the author of Flora Britannica.

Hardback - ISBN:9781861976628 - AU $ 45.00    
Caring for Cut Flowers   Caring for Cut Flowers
Rod Jones
Shows florists and growers how to make cut flowers last longer.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066311 - AU $ 49.95    
Complete Book of Potatoes   The Complete Book of Potatoes
Hielke De Jong, Joseph B Sieczka, Walter De Jong
The only comprehensive resource for home gardeners and commercial potato growers.

Hardback - ISBN:9780881929997 - AU $ 49.99    
Complete Guide to Saving Seeds   The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds
Robert Gough, Cheryl Moore-Gough
All the information you need to extend the life of your favourite plants to the next generation and beyond.

Paperback - ISBN:9781603425742 - AU $ 34.99    
Dictionary for Managing Trees in Urban Environments   Dictionary for Managing Trees in Urban Environments
Danny B Draper, Peter A Richards
A complete list of terms used in the universal management of urban trees.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096073 - AU $ 49.95    
Dictionary of Science for Gardeners   The Dictionary of Science for Gardeners
Michael Allaby
Defines more than 6,000 words from 16 branches of science that are of particular interest to gardeners.

Hardback - ISBN:9781604694833 - AU $ 59.99    
Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia   Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia
Tony Cooke, Denis Persley, Susan House
Comprehensive coverage of important diseases affecting the broad range of fruit crops grown in Australia.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643069718 - AU $160.00    
Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Australia   Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Australia
Denis Persley, Tony Cooke, Susan House
Provides a diagnostic guide and a key reference for diseases affecting vegetable crops in Australia.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643096387 - AU $160.00    
Flooded Forest and Desert Creek   Flooded Forest and Desert Creek
Matthew Colloff
The ecology and life history of the most widely distributed species of Eucalyptus in Australia – the river red gum.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643109193 - AU $ 69.95    
Flora of Australia Volume 26   Flora of Australia Volume 26
Australian Biological Resources Study
Describes three families of plants, Meliaceae, Rutaceae and Zygophyllaceae, with 61 genera and 588 species.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643109568 - AU $130.00    
Flowering of Australia's Rainforests   The Flowering of Australia's Rainforests
Geoff Williams, Paul Adam
Provides an overview of pollination in Australian rainforests, especially subtropical rainforests.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643097612 - AU $ 99.95    
Garden Life   Garden Life
Richard Unsworth
Richard Unsworth, leading landscape designer and co-owner of renowned outdoor store, Garden Life, shares his boundless enthusiasm for all things green.

Hardback - ISBN:9781921383007 - AU $ 49.99    
Gift Vouchers   Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a book or subscription to give as a present, but aren’t sure what to choose?

Voucher - ISBN:BVoucher25 - AU $ 25.00    
Grafting and Budding   Grafting and Budding
WJ Lewis, DMcE Alexander
A comprehensive and practical guide on all of the grafting techniques the professional and home gardener is likely to need.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643093973 - AU $ 39.95    
Green Harvest   Green Harvest
Rebecca Jones
Explores the ideas and practices that have shaped organic farming and gardening in Australia.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643098374 - AU $ 49.95    
Grow a Little Fruit Tree   Grow a Little Fruit Tree
Ann Ralph
Grow your own apples, plums, cherries, and peaches in even the smallest backyard!

Paperback - ISBN:9781612120546 - AU $ 22.99    
Growing Crops with Reclaimed Wastewater   Growing Crops with Reclaimed Wastewater
Daryl Stevens
The definitive Australian reference on the principles of using reclaimed wastewater for agricultural purposes.

Heirloom Vegetables   Heirloom Vegetables
Simon Rickard
A lively, passionate and at times political introduction to the world of heirloom vegetables.

Hardback - ISBN:9781921383069 - AU $ 49.99    
Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting   Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting
Jackie French
Companion planting works but only when you know why.

Paperback - ISBN:9780947214654 - AU $ 18.95    
Life in a Gall   Life in a Gall
Rosalind Blanche
Introduces the Australian native insects that induce galls on plants and the plant species that host them.

Living Architecture   Living Architecture
Graeme Hopkins, Christine Goodwin
Highlights the most exciting green roof and living wall projects in Australia and New Zealand and provides design inspiration and practical advice.

Nursery Management   Nursery Management
John Mason
An introduction to setting up and running a profitable nursery.

Nut Grower's Guide   Nut Grower's Guide
Jennifer Wilkinson
Grow tree nuts for profit or lifestyle – on your farm or in your back yard.

Olive Propagation Manual   Olive Propagation Manual
Andrea Fabbri, Giorgio Bartolini, Maurizio Lambardi, Stan Kailis
An authoritative guide to olive propagation, providing information on seed germination, rooting of cuttings, grafting and micropropagation.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066762 - AU $ 59.95    
Organic Fruit Growing   Organic Fruit Growing
Annette McFarlane
Will show you how to supply your families, friends and neighbours with fruit all year round.

Paperback - ISBN:9780733329135 - AU $ 35.00    
Organic Fruit Production and Viticulture   Organic Fruit Production and Viticulture
Stella Cubison
Covers the organic cultivation of all of the most popular pome and stone fruits, strawberries, cane and bush fruits.

Paperback - ISBN:9781847970923 - AU $ 65.00    
Out of the Scientist's Garden   Out of the Scientist's Garden
Richard Stirzaker
The garden is the lens through which we can explore how the world can manage water and feed itself.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096585 - AU $ 34.95    
Pests, Diseases and Beneficials   Pests, Diseases and Beneficials
F David Hockings AM
Helps gardeners identify and deal with common insects and small animals that are found in every Australian garden.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486300211 - AU $ 39.95    
Plant Names   Plant Names
Roger Spencer, Rob Cross, Peter Lumley
Plant Names is a plain English guide to the use of plant names and the conventions for writing them.

Polesaw   Polesaw

This booklet describes how to use the various types of pole saws available.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742566863 - AU $ 20.00    
Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community and the Whole Earth   Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community and the Whole Earth
Jessi Bloom, Dave Boehnlein
In clear, logical steps, this book offers the tools you need to live a life rich in healthy food, safe housing, and renewable resources.

Paperback - ISBN:9781604694437 - AU $ 44.99    
Practical Propagation   Practical Propagation
Sally Gregson
Introduces the basics of this rewarding and fascinating subject, showing how to fill your flower borders and make more of your garden.

Paperback - ISBN:9781861269898 - AU $ 49.95    
Producing Table Olives   Producing Table Olives
Stan Kailis, David Harris
Provides olive growers with nationally accepted guidelines for ensuring the quality of processed table olives.

Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing   Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing
Riccardo Gucci, Claudio Cantini
Summarises the most up-to-date information available on current pruning techniques and training systems.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643064430 - AU $ 69.95    
Rapid Methods for Identifying Viruses in Perennial Fruit Tree Crops   Rapid Methods for Identifying Viruses in Perennial Fruit Tree Crops

Small Green Roofs   Small Green Roofs
Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little, Edmund C Snodgrass
The first book to focus on small-scale and domestic green roofs, providing the knowledge and encouragement to make it possible.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643059818 - AU $ 34.99    
Soil Specifications Templates   Soil Specifications Templates
Simon Leake, Elke Haege
These soil specifications have been extracted from Soils for Landscape Development and are provided as editable PDF for ease of use in reports compiled by landscape designers for their clients.

PDF - ISBN:SSTWEB - AU $ 9.95    
Soils for Landscape Development   Soils for Landscape Development
Simon Leake, Elke Haege
Provides a clear, practical template for specifying landscape soils based on scientific criteria.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643109643 - AU $ 69.95    
Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses   Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses
David E Aldous, Ian H Chivers
A comprehensive reference for the selection and maintenance of grasses used in sports and amenity areas.

Sustainable Gardens   Sustainable Gardens
Rob Cross, Roger Spencer
A handbook showing how to design, construct and maintain gardens to minimise their environmental impact.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643094222 - AU $ 34.95    
Using Compost in Agriculture   Using Compost in Agriculture

Covers the basics in composting, commercial composting and what compost means for your farming practices.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742565187 - AU $ 25.00    
Vanilla Orchids   Vanilla Orchids
Ken Cameron
Covers the natural history and cultivation of the world's most popular flavour and fragrance.

Hardback - ISBN:9780881929898 - AU $ 39.99    
Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape   Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape
Geoff Connellan
Covers all aspects of water management in irrigated urban open space areas and how to achieve high water use efficiency.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643094291 - AU $140.00    
Waterplants in Australia   Waterplants in Australia
GR Sainty, SW Jacobs
Features 150 waterplants, including introduced weeds, potential weeds, common native species and native species.

Hardback - ISBN:9780958105514 - AU $ 65.95    
Weed Management for Organic Farmers, Growers and Smallholders   Weed Management for Organic Farmers, Growers and Smallholders
Gareth Davies, Becky Turner, Bill Bond, in association with the Henry Doubleday Research Association
Provides a practical guide to weed management practices on organic farms in temperate areas.

Paperback - ISBN:9781861269706 - AU $ 60.00    

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