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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
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  Vertebrate reproductive science and technology
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RFD is the official journal of the International Embryo Transfer Society and the Society for Reproductive Biology.

Table of Contents << Previous Issue     |        

Reproduction, Fertility and Development Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Volume 20 SRB abstracts (supplement) 2008
Abstracts for the 39th Annual Conference of the Society for Reproductive Biology

201. Homeobox gene DLX3 regulates forskolin induced trophoblast differentiation 

A. Chui, B. Kalionis, S. Brennecke and P. Murthi

pp. 1-1


202. Differential dietary regulation of placental and muscle myostatin in a transgenerational rat model of maternal under-nutrition 

H. N. Peiris, S. Tovey, M. D. Mitchell, M. P. Green and A. P. Ponnampalam

pp. 2-2


203. Partial progesterone withdrawal during late gestation increases placental expression of 11β-HSD1 in the rat 

P. J. Mark, S. Augustus, D. P. Hewitt and B. J. Waddell

pp. 3-3


204. Proteomic analysis of the effluent from perfused placental cotyledons identifies proteins associated with pre-eclampsia 

K. E. Crawford, M. H. Wong, J. L. Stevenson and N. M. Gude

pp. 4-4


205. Homeobox gene TGIF is increased in human idiopathic fetal growth restriction 

P. Murthi, N. Pathirage, A. Borg, S. Brennecke and B. Kalionis

pp. 5-5


206. Differential regulation of activin and inhibin production by interleukin 1 (IL1), transforming growth factor β1 (TGFβ1) and protein kinase C (PKC) in the Sertoli cell and granulosa cell 

V. Eede, J. A. Muir, A. E. O. 'Connor, W. R. Winnall, A. E. Drummond and M. P. Hedger

pp. 6-6


207. Effect of TGFB1 on mammary gland development is dependent on cellular source of gene expression 

W. V. Ingman and SA Robertson

pp. 7-7


208. Absence of GH-R exon 3 in marsupials and monotremes argues for a eutherian specific origin and fetal specific purpose of this domain 

B. R. Menzies, G. Shaw, T. P. Fletcher, A. J. Pask and M. B. Renfree

pp. 8-8


209. The absence of betaglycan affects Sox9 m RNA expression at the time of sex determination in a mouse model 

M. A. Sarraj, H. Chua, A. Umbers, R. Escalona, K. L. Loveland, J. K. Findlay and K. L. Stenvers

pp. 9-9


210. Fibroblast growth factor 9 (FGF9) in the developing marsupial 

J. Chung, A. Pask and M. Renfree

pp. 10-10


211. Proteomic identification of caldesmon as one of the physiological substrates of proprotein convertase 6 during decidualisation 

B. M. Hardman, L. M. Kilpatrick, A. N. Stephens, J. I. C. Chen, P. Stanton, L. A. Salamonsen and G. Nie

pp. 11-11


212. Specific targeting of uterine proprotein convertase 6 (PC6) facilitates the development of dual function contraception 

N. Borg, B. Hardman, L. Salamonsen and G. Nie

pp. 12-12


213. Chemokines: key players at the maternal–fetal interface 

N. J. Hannan and L. A. Salamonsen

pp. 13-13


214. Altered placental gene expression following disruption of mitochondrial metabolism in mouse embryos 

A. N. Filby, M. Lane, K. S. Cashman and M. Mitchell

pp. 14-14


215. Placental expression of uncoupling protein-2 is reduced by glucocorticoid treatment in late pregnancy: implications for placental oxidative stress 

M. L. Jones, P. J. Mark and B. J. Waddell

pp. 15-15


216. Activin A regulates trophoblast cell adhesion: implications for uterine receptivity and embryo implantation 

C. J. Stoikos, A. O.'Connor, L. A. Salamonsen and E. Dimitriadis

pp. 16-16


217. Inflammatory stimulation of human decidual cells by periodontopathic bacteria 

J. A. Keelan, P. Wong and P. S. Bird

pp. 17-17


218. Homeobox gene HLX is expressed in choriodecidua mesenchymal stem cells and regulates their ability to migrate 

S. Qin, P. Murthi, S. Brennecke and B. Kalionis

pp. 18-18


219. Parkin co-regulated gene (Pacrg) is an axonemal protein involved in sperm tail and ependymal cell function and is a candidate primary ciliary dyskinesia gene 

G. R. Wilson, H. X. Wang, G. F. Egan, M. B. Delatycki, M. K. O.'Bryan and P. J. Lockhart

pp. 19-19


220. Homeobox gene HLX is a regulator of HGF/c-met mediated trophoblast migration 

G. Rajaraman, P. Murthi, S. P. Brennecke and B. Kalionis

pp. 20-20


221. Localisation of relaxin receptors (Rxfp1) in the uterine artery and the effects of blocking circulating relaxin on passive mechanical wall properties in the uterine artery of late pregnant rats 

L. A. Vodstrcil, J. Novak, M. Tare, M. E. Wlodek and L. J. Parry

pp. 21-21


222. A new role for activin in endometrial restoration after menses 

T. J. Kaitu'u-Lino, D. J. Phillips, N. B. Morison and L. A. Salamonsen

pp. 22-22


223. Interleukin-11 inhibits human trophoblast invasion via STAT-3 and not MAPK, indicating a likely role in the decidual restraint of trophoblast invasion during placentation 

P. Paiva, L. A. Salamonsen, U. Manuelpillai and E. Dimitriadis

pp. 23-23


224. Disruption of bi-directional oocyte-cumulus paracrine signalling during oocyte in vitro maturation reduces subsequent mouse fetal survival 

C. X. Yeo, R. B. Gilchrist and M. Lane

pp. 24-24


225. Characterisation of a diverse secretome generated by the mouse preimplantation embryo 

C. O.'Neill and A. Beardsley

pp. 25-25


226. Characterisation of a putative mouse sperm–zona pellucida receptor complex 

M. D. Dun, B. Nixon and R. J. Aitken

pp. 26-26


227. Eggs with a surprise: the 'sperm-specific' protein SPRASA is also expressed in the oocyte 

L. W. Chamley, A. Wagner, D. Prendergast, K. J. Woad and A. N. Shelling

pp. 27-27


228. Proteasomal activity during mouse preimplantation development 

K. McCue, M. Pantaleon and P. L. Kaye

pp. 28-28


229. Identification of transforming growth factor beta2 (TGF-β2) and its receptors TGF-βRI and TGF-βRII in the possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) prostate: evidence of seasonal changes 

H. Martyn, K. Pugazhenthi, B. McLeod and H. D. Nicholson

pp. 29-29


230. Megalin, RAP and Nkx3.1 expression in the developing reproductive tract of a marsupial, the tammar wallaby 

M. Gamat, M. B. Renfree, A. J. Pask and G. Shaw

pp. 30-30


231. Sertoli cells de-differentiate in men after chronic gonadotrophin suppression 

G. A. Tarulli, P. G. Stanton, K. Loveland, E. Rajpert De Meyts, R. I. McLachlan and S. J. Meachem

pp. 31-31


232. Developmentally regulated activin A signal transduction by Sertoli cells is required for normal mouse testis development 

C. M. Itman, C. Small, M. Griswold, A. K. Nagaraja, M. M. Matzuk, M. Ernst, D. A. Jans and K. A. Loveland

pp. 32-32


233. A role for activin/inhibin in mouse gonocyte relocation and proliferation 

L. Tubino, B. Barakat, S. Prahbu, S. Meachem, A. Nagaraja, M. Matzuk and K. L. Loveland

pp. 33-33


234. Hedgehog signalling components in adult rat testis spermatogonial cells 

Z. Sahin, M. Meistrich, A. Szczepny and K. Loveland

pp. 34-34


235. Activin C antagonises activin A in vitro and over-expression leads to prostate pathologies in vivo 

E. Gold, N. Jetly, S. Behuria, T. Woodruff, S. Hedwards and G. Risbridger

pp. 35-35


236. Effects of long term recombinant rat follicle-stimulating hormone replacement on the restoration of spermatogenesis after chronic suppression of gonadotrophins in adult rats 

S. M. Ruwanpura, P. G. Stanton, D. M. Robertson, R. I. McLachlan, Y. Makanji and S. J. Meachem

pp. 36-36


237. AR-mediated androgen actions are essential for normal mouse uterine growth and development but not implantation and embryo development 

K. A. Walters, M. Jimenez, L. A. Salamonsen and D. J. Handelsman

pp. 37-37


238. Endometrial vessel morphology is altered following progestin treatment in a mouse xenograft model 

J. F. Donoghue, J. E. Girling and P. A. W. Rogers

pp. 38-38


239. Expression of PAF-R and p53 in the endometrium during entry into and reactivation from diapause in the tammar wallaby 

J. C. Fenelon, G. Shaw and M. B. Renfree

pp. 39-39


240. Reduced endometrial angiogenesis during early pregnancy in relaxin-deficient mice 

J. E. Girling, L. Ng and L. J. Parry

pp. 40-40


241. Relaxin and INSL3 receptors and their signaling in primary human myometrial cells 

K. Heng, R. Ivell, P. Waagarachi and R. Anand-Ivell

pp. 41-41


242. Reproductive performance of Australia Cashmere goats supplemented with lupin grain 

M. Shikh Maidin, A. Chadwick, P. C. Khaiseb, P. A. Hawken and G. B. Martin

pp. 42-42


243. Interleukin-6 is an essential regulator of parturition and perinatal viability in mice 

S. A. Robertson and C. Dorian

pp. 43-43


244. Effects of relaxin treatment on hyaluronic synthase expression in the cervix of pregnant relaxin-deficient (Rln-/-) mice 

Y. M. Soh, L. A. Vodstrcil and L. J. Parry

pp. 44-44


245. Aristaless-related homeobox gene is involved in early development and spermatogenesis in mammals 

H. Yu, Y. Hu, A. J. Pask, G. Shaw and M. B. Renfree

pp. 45-45


246. Developmental switches in male sex determination and spermiogenesis; importin-chromatin remodeling factor interaction 

D. A. Jans, J. Ly-Huynh, G. Kaur, A. Efthymiadis and K. L. Loveland

pp. 46-46


247. BMP signalling in the induction of germline precursors from mouse embryonic stem cells in vitro 

V. L. Dias, J. C. Young and K. L. Loveland

pp. 47-47


248. Oxidative stress and DNA damage in human spermatozoa 

G. N. De Iuliis, J. M. Finnie and R. J. Aitken

pp. 48-48


249. Regulated expression of KIT protein in juvenile and adult germ cells of the rodent testis 

S. Mithraprabhu, C. W. Brown, M. M. Matzuk and K. L. Loveland

pp. 49-49


250. Importin α2-recognised testis cargoes; relevance to spermatogenesis 

J. D. Ly-Huynh, A. Efthymiadis, K. L. Loveland and D. A. Jans

pp. 50-50


251. Production of donor-derived live lambs following testis germ cell transplantation 

M. Herrid, M. Jackson, N. Suchowerska, S. Stockwell, K. Hutton, R. Davey, J. Olejnik, S. Hope and J. R. Hill

pp. 51-51


252. Regulated nuclear import of TATA binding protein associated factor 9 (TAF9) in spermatogenesis 

S. B. Prakash, J. D. Ly-Huynh, K. L. Loveland and D. A. Jans

pp. 52-52


253. Toxic effects of hyperglycaemia arise from induced O-linked glycosylation in early mouse embryos 

M. Pantaleon, H. Tan and P. L. Kaye

pp. 53-53


254. Evidences for a novel cAMP-phosphodiesterase expressed in the bovine ovarian follicle 

M. Sasseville, F. K. Albuz, F. J. Richard and R. B. Gilchrist

pp. 54-54


255. Hormonal manipulation on the phenotype of ArKO female mice 

S. H. Liew, A. E. Drummond, J. E. Margaret and J. K. Findlay

pp. 55-55


256. Ovarian lymphatic vascular development is hormonally regulated and Adamts1-dependent 

H. M. Brown, R. L. Robker and D. L. Russell

pp. 56-56


257. Activation of a calcium-activated chloride channel by paf is required for normal preimplantation mouse embryo development in vitro 

Y. Li, M. L. Day and C. O.'Neill

pp. 57-57


258. Differential expression of H2A and H3 variant histones in mouse preimplantation embryos and R1 ES cells 

G. R. Kafer, SA Lehnert, P. L. Kaye and R. J. Moser

pp. 58-58


259. Pluripotency genes in a marsupial, the tammar wallaby 

S. Frankenberg, A. J. Pask and M. B. Renfree

pp. 59-59


260. Synergistic effects of cAMP modulating agents in pre-IVM and in IVM on bovine cumulus and oocyte functions 

F. K. Albuz, M. Sasseville, D. T. Armstrong, J. G. Thompson and R. B. Gilchrist

pp. 60-60


261. Disruption of mitochondrial function in the blastocyst alters expression of the chromatin remodeler ATRX 

S. L. Wakefield, A. N. Filby, M. Lane and M. Mitchell

pp. 61-61


262. Human cumulus cell gene expression as a marker of clinical embryo grade 

K. M. Gebhardt, D. Feil, M. Lane and D. L. Russell

pp. 62-62


263. Substitution of skim milk with bovine serum albumin in a stallion semen diluent 

Z. Gibb, C. G. Grupen, L. H. A. Morris, G. Evans and W. M. C. Maxwell

pp. 63-63


264. Primordial germ cell specification in a marsupial, the tammar wallaby 

D. Hickford, A. Pask, G. Shaw and M. B. Renfree

pp. 64-64


265. Increased FSH activity increases primordial follicle reserve and enhances preovulatory follicle survival in transgenic FSH female mice 

K. J. McTavish, K. A. Walters, D. J. Handelsman and C. M. Allan

pp. 65-65


266. Loss of betaglycan expression contributes to malignant properties of human granulosa tumour cells 

M. Bilandzic, S. Chu, Y. Wang, P. G. Farnworth, R. Escalona, P. J. Fuller, J. K. Findlay and K. L. Stenvers

pp. 66-66


267. A role for transforming growth factor-β 1 (TGF-β1) during the establishment of folliculogenesis 

I. Kuyznierewicz, J. K. Findlay and A. E. Drummond

pp. 67-67


268. Suppressors of cytokine signalling (SOCS): roles in ovarian follicle activation 

R. Keightley, E. McLaughlin, S. D. Roman, R. L. Robker and D. L. Russell

pp. 68-68


269. CD44 signaling in mouse ovulatory cumulus–oocyte complexes 

E. R. Alvino, R. L. Robker and D. L. Russell

pp. 69-69


270. TGF-β and ovarian follicle development 

D. A. Rosairo, J. K. Findlay and A. E. Drummond

pp. 70-70


271. Effect of season on sow ovarian morphology 

M. Bertoldo, P. K. Holyoake, G. Evans and C. G. Grupen

pp. 71-71


272. Signalling pathways involved in mouse GDF9 and BMP15 stimulated thymidine uptake by rat granulosa cells 

K. L. Reader, C. J. McIntosh and J. L. Juengel

pp. 72-72


273. The development of an immunoassay to measure progestogen using printed biosensors, and its application to the assessment of ovarian function in the Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) 

P. Matson, W. Ditcham, C. Palmer, K. Warren, C. Monaghan and W. Kappelle

pp. 73-73


274. Brain gene expression changes in MHC Class II genes and Neuropilin 2 associated with the transition from acyclic to cyclic ovarian function in postpartum beef cows 

T. Flatscher-Bader, A. H. M. Suhaimi, SA Lehnert, A. Reverter, W. Barris, N. Phillips, M. McGowan and M. D. 'Occhio

pp. 74-74


275. The endocrine disruptor, bisphenol A, alters gene expression in the hypothalamus of the ram lamb but does not alter LH secretion 

C. J. Scott, I. J. Clarke, J. Wilkins, T. Flatscher-Bader, G. B. Martin and A. J. Tilbrook

pp. 75-75


276. The technical and biological validation of an LH assay for use with the Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosis) and Black-flanked Rock Wallaby (Petrogale lateralis lateralis) 

P. Matson, C. Mayberry, N. Willers, M. A. Blackberry and G. B. Martin

pp. 76-76


277. Equine chorionic gonadotrophin isoform composition in commercial products compared with isoform composition in pregnant mare plasma 

U. A. Ciller, I. M. Ciller and J. R. McFarlane

pp. 77-77


278. IGF2 polymorphisms predict pregnancy outcome 

S. D. Thompson, R. C. Nowak, J. Zhang, G. A. Dekker and C. T. Roberts

pp. 78-78


279. Expression of oestrogen receptor-α and modulators of steroid receptor signalling, proline-rich nuclear receptor-2 and peptidylprolyl isomerade-D, in the hypothalamus of suckled and weaned postpartum beef cows 

T. Flatscher-Bader, A. H. M. Suhaimi, SA Lehnert, A. Reverter, W. Barris, M. McGowan, N. J. Phillips and M. J. D.'Occhio

pp. 79-79


280. INSL3 is a measure of human Leydig cell functionality both during fetal and adult life 

R. Anand-Ivell, J. Manson, G. Wittert, J. Wohlgemuth, B. Hafen and R. Ivell

pp. 80-80


401. In vivo development of embryos derived from sex-sorted and non-sorted ram sperm 

K. H. Beilby, C. C. Grupen, W. M. C. Maxwell and G. Evans

pp. 81-81


402. Cryopreservation of oocytes and follicular cells of the cane toad Bufo Marinus 

K. H. Wooi, M. J. Mahony, J. M. Shaw and J. Clulow

pp. 82-82


403. Differential effect of hexoses on sperm metabolism and function in culture 

H. W. Bakos and M. Lane

pp. 83-83


404. Repercussions of a transient decrease in pH on embryo viability and subsequent fetal development 

D. L. Zander-Fox, M. Mitchell, J. G. Thompson and M. Lane

pp. 84-84


405. Isolation and preliminary characterisation of putative sheep embryonic stem cells 

B. M. Murray, C. M. O.'Brien, J. L. Johnson, B. J. Conley, P. Bello, N. M. Andronicos, J. R. Hill, P. J. Verma and M. Holland

pp. 85-85


406. Regulation of insulin receptor and its substrates by follicle stimulating hormone in granulosa cells 

J. Taneja and R. Singh

pp. 86-86


407. Effects of vitrification and slow-cooling on the structure of lamb and mouse ovarian tissues 

X. Wang, S. L. Catt, M. Pangestu and P. D. Temple-Smith

pp. 87-87


408. Liver gene expression in suckled postpartum beef cows maintained on moderate and improved subtropical pasture 

F. Samadi, H. M. Nadzir, N. J. Phillips, M. M. McGowan, SA Lehnert, J. J. Loor, M. Bionaz and M. J. D.'Occhio

pp. 88-88


409. Differentially expressed genes in endometroid endometrial carcinoma using microarray: a preliminary report 

N. M. Mokhtar, F. SA Saghir, A. Mohd Dali, I. Mohamed Rose and A. A. Jamal

pp. 89-89


410. Gene expression analysis in endometriotic lesions using laser capture microdissection 

L. Fu, J. E. Girling and P. A. W. Rogers

pp. 90-90


411. Macrophage abundance and phenotype in the mammary gland fluctuates throughout the estrous cycle 

A. C. L. Chua, SA Robertson and W. V. Ingman

pp. 91-91


412. The role of macrophages in regulating uterine epithelial cell proliferation 

A. S. Care, W. V. Ingman, M. J. Jasper and SA Robertson

pp. 92-92


413. Genetic diversity of the major histocompatibility complex and response to immunocontraceptives in the brushtail possum 

O. J. Holland, P. E. Cowan, D. M. Gleeson and L. W. Chamley

pp. 93-93


414. The contraceptive potential of a long-acting IL-11 inhibitor 

E. Menkhorst, L. Salamonsen, L. Robb and E. Dimitriadis

pp. 94-94


415. Increased expression of an androgen receptor regulated gene, kit ligand, in polycystic ovaries 

T. Hickey, A. Tuck, M. Butler, S. Jindal, T. Dodd, R. Norman and W. Tilley

pp. 95-95


416. A xenotransplantation model for investigating the role of human endometrial stem/progenitor cells in endometriosis 

C. E. Gargett, T. Kaitu'u-Lino and R. W. S. Chan

pp. 96-96


417. In vivo and in vitro evidence for cancer stem cells in human endometrial cancer 

S. Hubbard and C. E. Gargett

pp. 97-97


418. Proteomic analysis of proliferative and secretory phase endometrium 

J. I. C. Chen, L. A. Salamonsen, N. J. Hannan, P. J. Stanton, P. Nicholls, J. Zhang, D. M. Robertson and A. N. Stephens

pp. 98-98


419. Rational design of bifunctional siRNAs that silence genes and recruit the innate immune system to treat ectopic pregnancies 

S. Tong, M. P. Gantier, M. Belhke and B. R. G. Williams

pp. 99-99


420. The effect of maternal dietary protein on the expression of genes involved in TGF-β superfamily bioavailability in the bovine ovarian cortex of female offspring 

R. Rodgers, M. Prodoehl, H. Irving-Rodgers, T. Sullivan, G. Micke, W. Bonner, M. Gibson and V. Perry

pp. 100-100


421. Seminal fluid TGFβ regulates follistatin mRNA expression human Ect1 cervical epithelial cells 

D. J. Sharkey and S. A. Robertson

pp. 101-101


422. Data mining: relationship of sperm kinetics and DNA integrity 

K. Osman, S. Ibrahim, M. Ismail, S. Das, M. Abd Rahman and A. Othman

pp. 102-102


423. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on spermatogenesis and sperm counts of male rats treated with oestradiol 

A. Norhazlina, A. Wan Nurul Heriza, M. Norfilza and P. Moratv

pp. 103-103


424. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production in human spermatozoa and male infertility 

A. J. Koppers and R. J. Aitken

pp. 104-104


425. Expression of mammalian cysteine-rich secretory proteins in the mouse model 

T. Reddy, G. M. Gibbs, D. J. Merriner, J. B. Kerr and M. K. O.'Bryan

pp. 105-105


426. The role of sperm mitochondria in the process of epididymal maturation 

Y. H. Lee, M. Lin, M. A. Baker and R. J. Aitken

pp. 106-106


427. MDM2 maintains the latency of expression of TRP53 in the mouse preimplantation embryo 

X. Jin, V. Chandrakanthan and C. O.'Neill

pp. 107-107


428. Normal follicle growth and maturation in a three-dimensional in vitro culture system: follicular environment manipulation and assessment of oocyte outcomes 

K. R. Dunning, L. K. Akison, D. L. Russell, R. J. Norman and R. L. Robker

pp. 108-108


429. Culture of mouse zygotes altered epigenetic states of the agouti viable yellow allele in the resulting progeny 

A. Li, H. Morgan, X. Jin, E. Whitelaw and C. O.'Neill

pp. 109-109


430. Investigation of pluripotency in derived embryonic stem cell (ESC) lines 

M. Pashai Asl, K. Khodadadi, M. K. Holland, N. M. Richings and P. J. Verma

pp. 110-110


431. Importin proteins and their role in maintenance of the stem cell state 

J. C. Young, Y. Miyamoto, A. Major, V. L. Dias, D. A. Jans and K. L. Loveland

pp. 111-111


432. How do antiphospholipid antibodies contribute to preeclampsia? 

Q. Chen, C. Viall, P. R. Stone and L. W. Chamley

pp. 112-112


433. Identifying novel biomarkers predictive of impending human labour 

Y. J. Heng, M. K. W. Di Quinzio, M. Permezel, G. E. Rice and H. M. Georgiou

pp. 113-113


434. Identification of differentially expressed proteins in ovine chorion rupture sites at preterm and term using proteomics 

M. Fazlic, R. Fairclough, S. Fraser, R. Young, G. Jenkin, M. Knight and M. McDonagh

pp. 114-114


435. Follicle differentiation and luteinisation in the mouse is associated with hypoxia inducible factor activity 

K. Tam, D. Russell, K. Kind and J. Thompson

pp. 115-115


436. Investigation of the role of SRC in capacitation associated tyrosine phosphorylation of human spermatozoa 

L. A. Mitchell, B. Nixon, M. A. Baker and R. J. Aitken

pp. 116-116


437. Whole body heat stress induces selective germ cell apoptosis in mice 

H. Wechalekar, B. P. Setchell, W. G. Breed, M. Ricci, C. Leigh and E. Peirce

pp. 117-117


438. PLZF is a spermatogonia stem cell-specific marker in the sheep testis: application to enrichment of ovine spermatogonial stem cell 

U. Borjigin, R. Davey, K. Hutton and M. Herrid

pp. 118-118


439. GDF9 and BMP15 are germ-free regulators of Sertoli cell function 

P. K. Nicholls, C. A. Harrison, R. B. Gilchrist, P. G. Farnworth and P. G. Stanton

pp. 119-119


440. A-kinase anchoring protein 4 in the marsupial 

Y. Hu, H. Yu, A. J. Pask, D. A. O.'Brien, G. Shaw and M. B. Renfree

pp. 120-120


441. Renin angiotensin system polymorphisms are associated with pregnancy complications 

A. Zhou, S. Thompson, R. Nowak, G. Heinemann, J. Zhang, G. A. Dekker and C. T. Roberts

pp. 121-121


442. Functional perspectives of caspase-14 in the human placenta 

L. J. White, A. K. Charles and A. M. Dharmarajan

pp. 122-122


443. The fibroblast – smooth muscle cell relationship is altered in uterine leiomyoma 

M. Zaitseva, B. J. Vollenhoven and P. A. W. Rogers

pp. 123-123


444. Embryonic survival in prolific ewes 

A. R. O.'Connell, K. P. McNatty, P. R. Hurst, D. J. Phillips, K. G. Dodds and G. H. Davis

pp. 124-124


445. Focal adhesions disassemble during early pregnancy in rat uterine epithelial cells 

Y. Kaneko, L. A. Lindsay and C. R. Murphy

pp. 125-125


446. Ezrin and EBP50 relocate apically in rat uterine epithelial cells during contact with opposing cells, except cells contacting the blastocyst 

L. Venuto, L. A. Lindsay and C. R. Murphy

pp. 126-126


SRB 2008 Abstracts 

pp. i-liv


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