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Australian Journal of Chemistry
Volume 27 Number 10 1974

An N2O4 isomer as a model for the examination of the origin of the antiferro magnestism of the copper acetate monohydrate dimer 

RD Harcourt

pp. 2065-2073


Manganese(IV) dithiocarbamato complexes 

KL Brown, RM Golding, PC Healy, KJ Jessop and WC Tennant

pp. 2075-2081


Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra and redox behaviour of transtion metal dithiocarbamates 

RM Golding and K Lehtonen

pp. 2083-2087


N.M.R. studies of some chromium(III) dithiocarbamate complexes 

RM Golding, PC Healy, P Colombera and AH White

pp. 2089-2097


Thermodynamics of metal-ligand bond formation. XIV. Adducts of hetercyclic bases with nickel(II) alkylxanthates 

DP Graddon and S Prakash

pp. 2099-2102


Thermodynamics of metal-ligand bond formation. XV. Adducts of mercury(II) halides with bidentate bases 

Y Farhangi and DP Graddon

pp. 2103-2107


Thio derivatives of β-diketones and their metal chelates. XVI. Nickel(II), palladium(II), platinum(II), zinc(II) and cobalt(III) chelates of some new fluorinated Monothio-β-diketones 

M Das and SE Livingstone

pp. 2109-2113


Thio derivatives of β-Diketones and their metal chelates. XVII. Mass spectra of iron(III) and ruthenium(III) chelates of some fluorinated Monothio-β-diketones 

M Das and SE Livingstone

pp. 2115-2119


Metal complexes of 1,10-Phenanthroline derivatives. VIII. Complexs of 1,10-Phenanthroline-2-carbaldehyde imines 

HA Goodwin and DW Mather

pp. 2121-2129


Cyclometallation reactionds. VIII. Binuclear manganese carbonyl complexes derived from azobenzene 

RL Bennett, MI Bruce, BL Goodall and FGA Stone

pp. 2131-2133


Cyclometallation reactions. IX. 2-(Phenylazo)phenyl complexes of iridium(III) 

MI Bruce, BL Goodall, FGA Stone and BJ Thomson

pp. 2135-2138


Electrochemical investigation of contact angle and of flotation in the presence of alkylxanthates. I. Platinum and gold surfaces 

JR Gardner and R Woods

pp. 2139-2148


Kinetics of the reaction of the hydrophobic ester 4-nitrophenyl decanoate with long-chain N-alkylimidazoles above and below their critical micelle concentration 

DG Oakenfull and DE Fenwick

pp. 2149-2157


Aromatic fluorocarbon mixtures. VI. Vapour pressures of carbon tetrachloride + hexafluorobenzene 

NF Pasco and DV Fenby

pp. 2159-2166


Comparative study of methods of computer-matching mass spectra 

RJ Mathews and JD Morrison

pp. 2167-2173


Modification of a Varian HA60-IL N.M.R. spectrometer for measurement of carbon-13 spectra by audio-sideband sweeping 

DM Doddrell, FB Hanson, RJ Kenny, A Marker and NV Riggs

pp. 2175-2190


The AA′BB′ system of conformational populations for derivatives of choline, tryptamine and tyramine 

CCJ Culvenor and NS Ham

pp. 2191-2198


The determination of the absolute configuration of vicinal diols 

DPG Hamon, RA Massy-Westropp and T Pipithakul

pp. 2199-2204


The reaction of carboxylic acids with epoxides using lithium naphthalenide 

T Fujita, S Watanabe and K Suga

pp. 2205-2208


Studies on the Hurtley reaction 

KA Cirigottis, E Ritchie and WC Taylor

pp. 2209-2228


The reactions of malononitrile with α-diketones and related studies 

JW Ducker and MJ Gunter

pp. 2229-2241


The acid-catalysed rearrangement of two Benzo-p-quinols 

PD Woodgate and CR Fitchett

pp. 2243-2250


Simple pyrimidines. XV. The synthesis, piperidinolysis and hydrolysis of simple 2- and 4-(Halogenomethyl)pyrimidines 

DJ Brown and P Waring

pp. 2251-2259


Bromo Analogues of the Systemic Fungicides Triforine and N-(2,2,2-Trichloro-1-methoxyethyl) Formamide 

G Carter, K Chamberlain, L Summers and R Wain

pp. 2261-2265


The chemical and photochemical properties of some 1,3-Diphenyl-2-pyrazolines 

NA Evans, DE Rivett and JFK Wilshire

pp. 2267-2274


Molar Kerr constants of six N-Aryl-4-pyridones as solutes in benzene or dioxan 

BD Batts, Fevre RJW Le and AJ Madeley

pp. 2275-2277


The E.S.R. spectra of some 2,6-dialkoxyaryloxy radicals 

EM Campbell and FR Hewgill

pp. 2279-2281


Correlation of N.M.R. shifts with chemical reactivity in phenethyl systems 

LF Blackwell, PD Buckley and KW Jolley

pp. 2283-2288


The triterpenes of Faradaya splendida (Verbenaceae) 

RA Eade, P Harper and JJH Simes

pp. 2289-2290


Colouring matters of Australian plants. XVII. Synthesis of lomandrone 

RG Cooke and IJ Rainbow

pp. 2291-2292


The absolute configuration of 2- and 3-Isopropyl-γ-butyrolactone 

M Kendell and RJ Wells

pp. 2293-2295


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