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Article << Previous     |     Next >>   Contents Vol 25(2)

Phylogeny of Arrhopalites s.l. (Collembola : Symphypleona : Arrhopalitidae): testing the monophyly of the recently erected genera Arrhopalites s.s. and Pygmarrhopalites

Douglas Zeppelini

Laboratório de Sistemática de Collembola e Conservação. Centro de Ciências Biológicas e Sociais Aplicadas. Programa de Pós Graduação em Ecologia e Conservação. UEPB, campus V. João Pessoa. 58070-450, PB, Brazil. Email: zeppelini@daad-alumni.de

Invertebrate Systematics 25(2) 91-105 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/IS10044
Submitted: 18 December 2010  Accepted: 30 May 2011   Published: 30 September 2011

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The genus Arrhopalites (Arrhopalitidae) was proposed by Börner for Symphypleona with separate anal and genital segments, a single bothriotricha on the fifth abdominal segment and lacking capitate tenent hairs. Recently, chaetotaxic features were discovered and used to support a division of the genus into Arrhopalites s.s. for species in the coecus-group and Pygmarrhopalites for the pygmaeus-group s.l. species. A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Arrhopalites s.l. was performed using morphologic data to test its monophyly and the recent proposal to subdivide it into two genera. Results indicate that the genus Arrhopalites s.s. is monophyletic whereas the newly erected genus Pygmarrhopalites is paraphyletic, rendering a non-natural taxon.

Additional keywords: heuristic search, morphological analysis, parsimony analysis, sectorial search.


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