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Awards and Prizes

Best Paper Award

At each year’s Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHCRIS) Research Conference, Australian Journal of Primary Health awards a prize for the best paper relevant to the interests of the journal.

The prize consists of a certificate and a year’s subscription to the journal (in print and online). The prize winners will also be offered free Open Access for a manuscript arising from the Best Paper and accepted for publication in the journal. The prize is promoted on the PHCRIS Newsfeed and through CSIRO Publishing’s social media channels.

Eligible papers are shortlisted before the conference from abstracts accepted for oral presentation, focusing on those informing critical discussion on primary and community services, integrating theory and practice, and using perspectives from a range of disciplines. Papers presented at the conference are assessed by the journal’s judging committee, comprising the Editor-in-Chief, members of the editorial panel and their nominees.

The Committee considers several criteria for the prize, including originality, rigour, relevance to primary and community health policy and practice, inclusion of relevant groups to the research, and quality of presentation.


(presenter’s name in bold)

  • 2017 Meeting in Brisbane, 7–9 August
    A mixed-methods approach to understanding informal communication between disciplines in co-located primary health care
    Nicholas Elmitt, Christine Phillips, Sally Hall, Marianne Bookallil and Kirsty Douglas

  • 2014 Meeting in Canberra, 23–25 July
    Bringing ATAPS data to life: the development of an interactive CQI platform for improving service design and access to primary mental health care
    Peter Carswell, Robert Ford and Bethany Marshall

  • 2012 Meeting in Canberra, 18–20 July
    Impact of subsidised fruit and vegetables on the health and nutrition of Aboriginal children
    Andrew Black, Hassan Vally, Fiona Smith, Raymond Jones, Kerry Hampshire, Peter Morris and Kerin O’Dea

  • 2011 Meeting in Brisbane, 13–15 July
    ´It had to be my choice´ – Indigenous smoking cessation and negotiations of risk, resistance and resilience
    Chelsea Bond, Geoffrey Spurling, Noel Hayman and Deborah Askew