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SRB Publication of the Year Award

To recognise high-quality contributions from members of the Society for Reproductive Biology (SRB), Reproduction, Fertility and Development is pleased to present the SRB Publication of the Year Award. This award is presented annually for the best original research publication by an SRB author in the journal.

To be eligible for the Award, the publication must have an SRB member as the first and/or last author. Only original research publications are considered, and the author(s) must have been an SRB member for at least 6 months at the time of nomination.

Nominations are invited in April each year and close on 1 June. To be considered for the Award, publications must be nominated by the SRB authors themselves. Publications must have been published online in the year preceding the nomination deadline and may only be considered in one award year.

Nominated publications are judged by an Awards Committee comprising at least three SRB Council Members, who are selected to avoid potential conflicts of interest. The Committee assesses the nominated publications according to the strength of the hypothesis, the use of appropriate methodology, the quality of data, the novelty and impact of findings, and their overall impression of the work. If the award-winning publication has SRB members as both first and last authors, they will share the Award.

The SRB Publication of the Year Award is presented at the SRB’s Annual Conference in August of each year, and the publications are made freely available on the journal’s website.

For more information about the SRB Publication of the Year Award, and instructions for nominating eligible publications, see the Society for Reproductive Biology´s website.


  • 2014: Jane Girling
    Follistatin is essential for normal postnatal development and function of mouse oviduct and uterus
    S. J. Holdsworth-Carson, R. G. Craythorn, W. R. Winnall, K. Dhaliwal, R. Genovese, C. J. Nowell, P. A. W. Rogers, D. M. de Kretser, M. P. Hedger and J. E. Girling
    Full Text