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Seed Germination in the Fynbos Fire Ephemeral, Syncarpha vestita (L) B-Nord Is Promoted by Smoke, Aqueous Extracts of Smoke and Charred Wood Derived From Burning the Ericoid-Leaved Shrub, Passerina vulgaris Thoday

NAC Brown

International Journal of Wildland Fire 3(4) 203 - 206
Published: 1993


Periodic fires are a natural phenomenon in fynbos, which is the dominant vegetation type in the Cape floristic region. Fire-stimulated germination has been reported for a number of fynbos species. The promotion of seed germination in the fynbos fire ephemeral, Syncarpha vestita (L.) B.Nord. (Asteraceae), by plant-derived smoke and aqueous smoke extracts derived from stem and leaf material of the ericoid-leaved shrub, Passerina vulgaris Thoday (Thymelaeaceae), reported by Brown (1993), was confirmed in this study. In addition, for the first time, aqueous extracts of charred wood alone have been shown to promote seed germination in a species of fynbos. The fact that a number of derivatives of P. vulgaris plant material all showed germination-promotion activity poses the question as to whether there is one bioactive substance or whether the activity of each derivative depends on a different substance.

Keywords: Seed germination; Plantderived smoke; Cape floristic region; Asteraceae; Thymelaeaceae

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