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Vegetation Composition in a Post-Fire Successional Gradient of Pinus Halepensis Forests in Attica, Greece

D Kazanis and M Arianoutsou

International Journal of Wildland Fire 6(2) 83 - 91
Published: 1996


The vegetation composition of a post-fire succession in Aleppo pine forests of Attica, Greece, was studied by a synchronic method. The sites form a post-fire chronosequence and have typical Mediterranean climate. Data on the flora of the burned sites, growth and life forms of the various plant taxa, as well as on vegetation structure are provided. The burned ecosystems recovered quite rapidly. During the first four years of the post-fire succession, herbaceous taxa dominate the flora of the forests, peaking at the second year. After 15 years little change in the vegetation was observed. The richest family in terms of the number of taxa was the Leguminosae, especially in the two first years of succession. Most of these taxa were herbaceous. The relative contribution of legumes to the flora after two years is gradually restricted.

Keywords: Life forms; Regeneration mode; Pinus halepensis forests; legumes; Greece

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