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Volume 64 Number 10 2011

CH11177Ion Translocation in Artificial Molecule-based Systems Induced by Light, Electrons, or Chemicals

Robin Bofinger, Aurélien Ducrot, Laura Jonusauskaite, Nathan D. McClenaghan, Jean-Luc Pozzo, Guillaume Sevez and Guillaume Vives
pp. 1301-1314
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Controlled ion and molecule transfer, the basis for many natural processes, is starting to be harnessed in a range of rudimentary supramolecular systems using a range of stimuli. An overview of biocompatible and purely artificial molecule-based systems employing intra- and intermolecular transfer processes is presented.

CH11029 Synthesis and Evaluation of Potentially Transdermal Morphine Derivatives

Jacqui F. Young, Neeranat Thienthong, Milton T. W. Hearn, Andrea J. Robinson and W. Roy Jackson
pp. 1339-1345
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Three new morphine-based compounds containing arginyl and tetra-arginyl substitutents have been prepared. All had relatively high affinity for opoid receptors and the tetraarginyl compound showed some promise as an analgesic. None of the molecules showed transdermal activity.

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Three new coordination compounds of CoII/CuII with 5-nitro-1,2,3-benzenetricarboxylate (O2N-btcH3) and 4,4′-bipyridyl ligands were synthesized and crystallographically characterized. It is found that these complexes are constructed by bi-/tri-nuclear secondary building units (SBUs) and exhibit intriguing 2D or 3D topological networks.

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Synchrotron data for the yellow polymorph of PtCl2(bipy) and PdI2(bipy) allow determination of crystal structures, and a comparison of structural chemistry for the series MX2(bipy) (M = Pd, Pt; X = Cl, Br, I) with nine structures distributed over five space groups.

CH11047 Oxygen Exchange During the Reaction of POCl3 and Water

Andrew O. Thomas, Paul J. Milham, R. John Morrison, Robert G. Clark and Rebeca Alvarez
pp. 1360-1365
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Typical POCl3 contains predominantly 16O; consequently the reaction of POCl3 with water that is highly enriched in 18O produces predominantly five 16,18O isotope analogues of H3PO4. The proportions of the corresponding 16,18O isotope analogues of [H2PO4], estimated by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, show that the O from POCl3 and H2O mix randomly into H3PO4.

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A new series of studies was carried out for 2-chloro-2,2-difluoroacetamide (CDFA) in order to complete its characterization. Following this goal, thermal decomposition, vapour FT-IR, mass spectrometry, low-temperature NMR, and theoretical studies were performed. Also, conformational analysis was carried out both experimentally and theoretically for CDFA in protic and aprotic solvents.

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A series of 2D and 3D novel lanthanide complexes constructed from squarate C4O42– are prepared. Three new coordination modes, a bidentate/monodentate μ3 and two bidentate/monodentate μ4 coordination modes, are first reported. In addition, the variable-temperature magnetic properties, the solid-state near-infrared (NIR) luminescence spectra, and the thermogravimetric analyses are discussed.

CH11067 A New Synthetic Protocol for One-Pot Preparations of 5-Halo-1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazoles

Lingjun Li, Yanyan Li, Ran Li, Anlian Zhu and Guisheng Zhang
pp. 1383-1389
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CuX-oxidant systems are studied for the preparation of 5-halo-1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazoles by the combination of a CuAAC reaction and an oxidative halogenation reaction in one pot, and an efficient method for the preparation of these kind of compounds under mild conditions is developed.

CH11091 Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Homocamptothecin-Dihydropyridine Derivative Conjugates as Potent Topoisomerase I Inhibitors

Ling-Jian Zhu, Chun-Lin Zhuang, Ning Lei, Chun-Quan Sheng, Wei Guo, Zhen-Yuan Miao, Wen-Feng Liu, Jian-Zhong Yao and Wan-Nian Zhang
pp. 1390-1396
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A series of novel homocamptothecin derivatives conjugating with dihydropyridine derivates were designed and synthesized based on a semisynthetic route. Most of the synthesized compounds exhibited good cytotoxic activity on tumour cell lines and showed superior Topo I inhibition activity comparable to or higher than camptothecins.

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Aliphatic nitrile oxides were generated in situ, by dehydration of terminal nitro compounds, and reacted with dipolarophiles using continuous flow techniques to afford substituted isoxazolines. In-line scavenger cartridges conveniently removed by-products and unreacted reagents to give almost pure crude products.

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Porphyrin-fullerene tetrad with Langmuir­­–Blodget films on Au substrates shows diode-like behaviour. Photocurrent polarity can be switched from cathodic to anodic and vice versa by changing the subtrate potential. Photoelectrochemical properties of this system were used to mimic a two-channel demultiplexer.

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