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The Bastadins Revisited: New Chemistry From the Australian Marine Sponge Ianthella basta

MS Butler, TK Lim, RJ Capon and LS Hammond

Australian Journal of Chemistry 44(2) 287 - 296
Published: 1991


A specimen of Ianthella basta, collected from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, has been found to contain the recently reported tetramer of bromotyrosine , bastadin-9 (6a), along with a new example of this structure class, bastadin-12 (9a). The structure for bastadin-12 (9a) was confirmed by detailed spectroscopic analysis and derivatization, and represents the first reported example of this structure class derived from an alternative oxidative cyclization . As earlier biosynthetic arguments to the structure elucidation of some bastadins were based on the premise that only one cyclization pathway was possible (leading to 13,32-dioxa-4,22-diazabastarane), the discovery of (9a) introduces an added dimension to the identification of new and known bastadins. Also isolated and identified as their methyl ethers were two new dimers of bromotyrosine, hemibastadin-1 (10) and hemibastadin-2 (11).

© CSIRO 1991

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