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Peptides From Australian Frogs. The Structures of the Dynastins From Limnodynastes salmini and Fletcherin From Limnodynastes fletcheri

AM Bradford, MJ Raftery, JH Bowie, JC Wallace and MJ Tyler

Australian Journal of Chemistry 46(8) 1235 - 1244
Published: 1993


The dermal glandular extracts of the Australian frog Limnodynastes salmini contain a number of peptides of the dynastin family. The related species Limnodynastes fletcheri contains only one peptide in its glandular extract; this compound, which we have named fletcherin, is unusual amongst amphibian peptides in that the N-terminal group corresponds to Ala. The primary structures of the dynastins and fletcherin are described.

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