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Spongiaquinone Revisited: Structural and Stereochemical Studies on Marine Sesquiterpene/Quinones From a Southern Australian Marine Sponge, Spongia sp.

RJ Capon, DR Groves, S Urban and RG Watson

Australian Journal of Chemistry 46(8) 1245 - 1253
Published: 1993


A chemical investigation of a large purple sponge, Spongia sp., from the Great Australian Bight, resulted in the isolation of a new sesquiterpene/quinone (8), together with the known compounds dehydrocyclospongiaquinone-1 (4) and spongiaquinone (2). The last compound was also isolated as the potassium salt (9), this being the first recorded account of a naturally occurring marine sesquiterpene/quinone salt. The structure for (8) was assigned by detailed spectroscopic analysis. A re-investigation into the stereostructure of spongiaquinone (2) resulted in the first unambiguous assignment of absolute stereochemistry, and uncovered the peculiar chiroptical properties of spongiaquinone (2) and its potassium salt (9).

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