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Pathogenic specialization in Fusarium graminearum

GS Purss

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 22(4) 553 - 561
Published: 1971


Isolates of Fusarium graminearum from crown rot of wheat, stalk rot of maize (both in Australia and in the United States), and head blight of wheat are all shown to be capable of causing head blight of wheat to a significant level. Stalk rot of maize is shown to be caused by isolates of F. graminearum from stalk rot of maize, crown rot of wheat, and head blight of wheat. Isolates of F. culmorum from foot rot of wheat and barley are also capable of causing stalk rot of maize. Typical crown rot of wheat is shown to be caused to a significant extent only by the isolates from this disease syndrome. The conclusion is drawn that a specialized form of F. graminearurn is responsible for crown rot in wheat.

© CSIRO 1971

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