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Climate Change Science, Land Use and Food Production

Primary producers face what is both a significant challenge and major opportunity in coming decades – to make a substantial contribution to feeding the world’s population. Agricultural farming systems will need to increase our food production significantly to provide for an estimated nine billion people worldwide by 2050.

This virtual issue provides a unique opportunity to exchange research knowledge, ideas and innovations, and develop an understanding of how primary industries can tackle the challenge of a changing climate.

This challenge is significant when viewed through the context of future land, water, energy and nutrient availability; water quality concerns; policy barriers; and a general decline in the research investment that drives productivity.

Climate change provides a new layer of complexity and diversity, emissions reduction another.

Recent research innovations in climate change and primary industries are documented in this selection of research and review articles. The authors are world leaders in developing climate-smart primary production systems and are strong advocates for primary producers and decision-makers who are challenged with feeding the world in a changing climate. Key topics discussed are:
• Climate change impact on food production
• Options for adaptation to a new climate
• Options for mitigation in response to key drivers; e.g. water use efficiency and/or carbon sequestration.

The Crop & Pasture Science editors hope this collection of papers will inform and inspire.