Workshop Overview

Publishing with Impact

A Two-day Workshop

Publishing is an integral part of scientific research and a strong publication record underpins a successful research career. For people and institutions alike, publications form the most important measure of research output and they are a critical means of achieving impact from the research.

Despite the importance of publications, undergraduates and postgraduates are rarely taught how to write good scientific papers and reports, and many scientists struggle with this vital aspect of their research.

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the skills and understanding needed for successful publication.

Workshop Objectives

  • To ensure an understanding of the science publishing culture and why it is important to publish
  • To develop the skills required to write well structured and easy-to-read scientific articles, including the ability to be precise, clear, concise and interesting
  • To provide insights to editorial decision-making and the peer-review process
  • To instil an appreciation of the protocols and ethics of scientific publication

Benefits of Completing the Workshop
Participants will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to publish papers in journals chosen to maximize the impact of their research.

Other benefits include:

  • ability to promote research outcomes through clearer written messages
  • enhanced influence through alignment with reader expectations
  • reduced instances of ambiguity and miscommunications
  • better understanding of scientific writing and publishing conventions
  • increased publication rates

Workshop Evaluation
The effectiveness of this program will be measured in the short term by participants’ feedback and in the long term by the number of participants who are successful in having their papers published in reputable journals.

Workshop Outline
To learn more about the content of the workshop, please visit the Outline page.

Workshop Facilitator
Dr Camilla Myers