Workshop Overview

Writing Effective Reports

A One-day Workshop

We all write reports, but how effective are those reports in achieving the outcomes we want and in enhancing our client relationships?

Reports are often the most common tangible output of the work we do. As such, they can significantly influence our organisation’s as well as our own reputation. It is important that our reports are well presented, communicate their content effectively and deliver the best outcomes for ourselves and our clients.

This one-day workshop offers you the opportunity to build your report-writing skills. The workshop is activity based and will especially benefit anyone with a report in development.

Workshop Objectives
The workshop is designed to:

  • help you understand what contributes to an effective report
  • give you some techniques for planning, structuring and writing your reports
  • assist in working with report templates and visual elements
  • provide insights to help you manage risk in your reports
  • help you to deliver reports with impact

Key Benefits of Attending the Workshop
Participants will:

  • understand what differentiates successful from unsuccessful reports
  • know how to write an effective executive summary
  • build the skills required to write reports that consistently deliver to your organisation’s commitments and reputation

Workshop Outline
To learn more about the content of the workshop, please visit the Outline page.

Workshop Facilitator
Dr Camilla Myers