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Awards and Prizes

Young Scientist Award

Animal Production Science is pleased to offer a Young Scientist Award for the best oral or poster paper presented at the biennial conferences of the Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics and Australian Society of Animal Production.

The award carries a prize of a personal one-year print subscription to Animal Production Science, a AU$250 book voucher from CSIRO Publishing, and a certificate.

To be eligible for the prize, the first author must be no more than 10 years post-PhD (i.e. <35 years old), and a member of the relevant society.

Authors are asked to nominate whether a paper is suitable for consideration for the award, and nominations are then judged by the Executive Committee of the Society, and an Editor, to select a winner.

The winner of the award(s) will be announced at the conclusion of the conference and in an Editorial published in the journal.

Previous Winners

  • 2008: Australian Society of Animal Production (23-27th June): Maree Bowen
    Evaluation of a remote drafting system for regulating sheep access to supplement
    M. K. Bowen, P. M. Pepper, R. C. McPhie and M. R. Winter
    pp. 248-252
    Full Text

  • 2006: Australian Society of Animal Production (9-12th July): Kristie Martin
    Effects of stimulation on tenderness of lamb with a focus on protein degradation
    K. M. Martin, D. L. Hopkins, G. E. Gardner and J. M. Thompson
    pp. 891-896
    Full Text

  • Pietro Celi
    Lactation curve and persistency of lactation in dairy ewes milked once a day
    D. Macgill, K. Fullard, P. Celi, P. Thompson, E. Hall, A. Iqbal, P. Wynn and H. W. Raadsma
    no. 71
    ASAP short communications

  • 2005: Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics (25-28th September): Jenny Pryce
    Breeding for body condition score in dairy cows
    J. E. Pryce, B. L. Harris and W. Montgomerie

  • Mehdi Sargolzaei
    The gametic covariance matrix between relatives for a chromosomal segment
    Mehdi Sargolzaei and H. Iwaisaki