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Australian Systematic Botany
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  Taxonomy, biogeography and evolution of plants
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Awards and Prizes

The Editorial Board of Australian Systematic Botany is pleased to offer an annual Student Prize for the best student-authored paper published in the Journal.

The Prize is a one-year personal print/online subscription to the journal, and a AU$250 book voucher from CSIRO Publishing.

To be eligible for the Prize, the student must be the lead author of the paper, and the paper must be submitted for publication while the student is enrolled for a higher degree, or within two years of graduating for a higher degree. Appropriate certification is required from the student´s supervisor.

Papers eligible for the Prize will be judged by the Editorial Board.

The winner of the annual Prize will be announced each year in an issue of the Journal.


  • 2015: Susan Rutherford
    Phylogenomics of the green ash eucalypts (Myrtaceae): a tale of reticulate evolution and misidentification
    Susan Rutherford, Peter G. Wilson, Maurizio Rossetto and Stephen P. Bonser
    pp. 326-354
    Full Text

  • 2014: Daniel Ohlsen
    Phylogeny of the fern family Aspleniaceae in Australasia and the south-western Pacific
    Daniel J. Ohlsen, Leon R. Perrie, Lara D. Shepherd, Patrick J. Brownsey and Michael J. Bayly
    pp. 355-371
    Full Text

  • 2013: Andre Messina
    A morphological assessment of the Olearia phlogopappa complex (Asteraceae: Astereae)
    Andre Messina, Neville G. Walsh, Susan E. Hoebee and Peter T. Green
    pp. 31-80
    Full Text

  • 2012: Raelee Kerrigan
    A treatment for Polygala of northern Australia
    Raelee A. Kerrigan
    pp. 83-137
    Full Text

  • 2011: Claire Marks
    Comparative morphology and phylogeny of Nicotiana section Suaveolentes (Solanaceae) in Australia and the South Pacific
    Claire E. Marks, Ed Newbigin and Pauline Y. Ladiges
    pp. 61-86
    Full Text

  • 2010: Mei Lin Tay
    DNA sequences from three genomes reveal multiple long-distance dispersals and non-monophyly of sections in Australasian Plantago (Plantaginaceae)
    Mei Lin Tay, Heidi M. Meudt, Philip J. Garnock-Jones and Peter A. Ritchie
    pp. 47-68
    Full Text

  • 2009: Adele Gibbs
    Phylogeny and classification of Eucalyptus subgenus Eudesmia (Myrtaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal DNA, chloroplast DNA and morphology
    Adele K. Gibbs, Frank Udovicic, Andrew N. Drinnan and Pauline Y. Ladiges
    pp. 158-179
    Full Text

  • 2008: Christina Flann
    Morphometric study of Euchiton traversii complex (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae)
    Christina Flann, Ilse Breitwieser, Josephine M. Ward, Neville G. Walsh and Pauline Y. Ladiges
    pp. 178-191
    Full Text

  • 2007: Ryonen Butcher
    Evidence for convergent evolution among phylogenetically distant rare species of Tetratheca (Elaeocarpaceae, formerly Tremandraceae) from Western Australia
    Ryonen Butcher, Margaret Byrne and Darren M. Crayn
    pp. 126-138
    Full Text

  • 2006: Bruce Webber
    Morphological analysis and a resolution of the Ryparosa javanica species complex (Achariaceae) from Malesian and Australian tropical rainforests
    Bruce L. Webber and Ian E. Woodrow
    pp. 541-569
    Full Text

  • 2005: Stuart Gardner
    An investigation of phyllode variation in Acacia verniciflua and A. leprona (Mimosaceae), and implications for taxonomy
    Stuart K. Gardner, Daniel J. Murphy, Edward Newbigin, Andrew N. Drinnan and Pauline Y. Ladiges
    pp. 383-398
    Full Text

  • 2004: Tanja Pfeiffer
    Inter-and infraspecific relationships in the Gondwanan liverwort genus Hymenopyton (Hymenophytaceae, Hepaticophytina). Studies in austral temperate rain forest bryophytes 23
    Tanja Pfeiffer, Friederike Schaumann, Gabriela G. Hässel de Menéndez and Wolfgang Frey
    pp. 407-421
    PDF (1.6 MB)

  • 2003: Rob Smissen
    Phylogenetic analysis of ITS sequences suggests a Pliocene origin for the bipolar distribution of Scleranthus (Caryophyllaceae)
    R. D. Smissen, P. J. Garnock-Jones and G. K. Chambers
    pp. 301-315
    PDF (318 KB)

  • 2002: Christina Flann
    Morphological variation in Leptorhynchos squamatus (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae)
    Christina Flann, Pauline Y. Ladiges and Neville G. Walsh
    pp. 205-219
    PDF (1.1 MB)

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The Best Student Paper published in 2015 has been awarded to Susan Rutherford.

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