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  Taxonomy, Biogeography & Evolution of Plants
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Australian Systematic Botany publishes papers and critical reviews that aim to advance systematic botany and related aspects of biogeography and evolution of all plant groups. More

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Murphy


blank image Australian Systematic Botany
Volume 26 Number 6 2013

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The trichotomosulcate asparagoids: pollen morphology of Hemerocallidaceae in relation to systematics and pollination biology 
blank image
Carol A. Furness, John G. Conran, Thomas Gregory and Paula J. Rudall
pp. 393-407

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A revision of Australian species of Radula subg. Odontoradula 
blank image
Matt A. M. Renner, Nicolas Devos, Elizabeth A. Brown and Matt J. von Konrat
pp. 408-447

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Four newly recorded species of the calcified marine brown macroalgal genus Padina (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) for Australia 
blank image
Ni-Ni-Win, Zhong-Min Sun, Takeaki Hanyuda, Akira Kurihara, Alan J. K. Millar, Carlos Frederico D. Gurgel and Hiroshi Kawai
pp. 448-465

blank image blank image blank image

Gintarasia and Xalocoa, two new genera to accommodate temperate to subtropical species in the predominantly tropical Graphidaceae (Ostropales, Ascomycota) 
blank image
Ekaphan Kraichak, Sittiporn Parnmen, Robert Lücking and H. Thorsten Lumbsch
pp. 466-474
    | Supplementary Material (1.3 MB)

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Corrigendum to: Lamprothamnium in Australia (Characeae, Charophyceae) 
blank image
Michelle T. Casanova
pp. 475-478
 |    Corrigendum PDF (2.8 MB) - $40.00  

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These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    SB13040  Accepted 14 February 2014
    Molecular phylogeny reveals the true colors of Myeloconidaceae (Ascomycota: Ostropales)
    Matthew Nelsen, Robert Lücking, Carrie Andrew, Andre Aptroot, Marcela Caceres, Joel Mercado, Eimy Rivas Plata, Thorsten Lumbsch

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Rank Paper Details
1. Published 12 April 2013
A morphological assessment of the Olearia phlogopappa complex (Asteraceae: Astereae)

Andre Messina, Neville G. Walsh, Susan E. Hoebee and Peter T. Green

2. Published 12 April 2013
Morphological and molecular evidence supports the recognition of a new subspecies of the critically endangered Pityrodia scabra (Lamiaceae)

Kelly A. Shepherd, Andrew Perkins, Joel Collins, Margaret Byrne and Kevin R. Thiele

3. Published 20 December 2013
Defining and redefining monophyly: Haeckel, Hennig, Ashlock, Nelson and the proliferation of definitions

Tegan A. Vanderlaan, Malte C. Ebach, David M. Williams and John S. Wilkins

4. Published 28 June 2013
The Miocene conifer flora of Balcombe Bay, Victoria, Australia

Emma K. Lewis and Andrew N. Drinnan

5. Published 28 June 2013
A monographic account of Australian species of Amphiroa (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta)

A. S. Harvey, W. J. Woelkerling, J. M. Huisman and C. F. D. Gurgel

6. Published 28 June 2013
Morphology, physiology and AFLP markers validate that green box is a hybrid of Eucalyptus largiflorens and E. gracilis (Myrtaceae)

Georgia R. Koerber, Peter A. Anderson and Jack V. Seekamp

7. Published 18 October 2013
A quantitative study of morphology in Australian Craspedia (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae)

Alexander N. Schmidt-Lebuhn and Kirsty V. Milner

8. Published 12 April 2013
Averaging v. outlier removal. Decrypting variance among cryptic Lejeunea species (Lejeuneaceae: Jungermanniopsida) using geometric morphometrics

Matt A. M. Renner, Elizabeth A. Brown and Glenda M. Wardle

9. Published 18 October 2013
Karrabina gen. nov. (Cunoniaceae), for the Australian species previously placed in Geissois, and a synopsis of genera in the tribe Geissoieae

H. C. F. Hopkins, A. C. Rozefelds and Y. Pillon

10. Published 18 October 2013
Reciprocal monophyly of Craspedia and Pycnosorus (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) and the problems of using ribosomal DNA at the lowest taxonomic levels

Alexander N. Schmidt-Lebuhn

11. Published 18 October 2013
Three new species of Gingidia (Apiaceae: Apioideae) from Australia and New Zealand segregated from G. montana

Peter B. Heenan, Ian R. H. Telford and Jeremy J. Bruhl

12. Published 18 October 2013
Microsatellite variation for phylogenetic, phylogeographic and population-genetic studies in Lomatia (Proteaceae)

Melita L. Milner, Emma J. McIntosh, Michael D. Crisp, Peter H. Weston and Maurizio Rossetto

13. Published 13 December 2013
Morphometric analysis of Correa lawrenceana (Rutaceae) and the reinstatement of var. ferruginea endemic to Tasmania

Raja Nur Ateeka Othman, Gregory J. Jordan and Marco F. Duretto

14. Published 13 December 2013
New records, replacements, reinstatements and four new species in the Radula parvitexta and R. ventricosa species groups (Jungermanniopsida) in Australia: cases of mistaken identity

Matt A. M. Renner, Nicolas Devos, Elizabeth A. Brown and Matt J. von Konrat

15. Published 20 December 2013
Cryptic speciation and species diversity among Australian and New Zealand hornwort taxa of Megaceros (Dendrocerotaceae)

D. Christine Cargill, Nicole G. F. Vella, Ish Sharma and Joseph T. Miller

16. Published 20 December 2013
Evidence supporting Davallia canariensis as a Late Miocene relict endemic to Macaronesia and Atlantic Europe

Hongmei Liu and Harald Schneider

17. Published 13 December 2013
Lamprothamnium in Australia (Characeae, Charophyceae)

Michelle T. Casanova

18. Published 27 March 2014
Gintarasia and Xalocoa, two new genera to accommodate temperate to subtropical species in the predominantly tropical Graphidaceae (Ostropales, Ascomycota)

Ekaphan Kraichak, Sittiporn Parnmen, Robert Lücking and H. Thorsten Lumbsch

19. Published 18 October 2013
Morphological and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) data show that New Zealand endemic Myosotis petiolata (Boraginaceae) comprises three rare and threatened species

Heidi M. Meudt, Jessica M. Prebble, Rebecca J. Stanley and Michael J. Thorsen

20. Published 13 December 2013
Review of the species concepts Chara fibrosa and C. flaccida (Characeae, Charophyceae)

Michelle T. Casanova

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