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Relationship Between Climate and Provenance Variation in Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Dehnh.

A Gibson, EP Bachelard and KT Hubick

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 22(3) 453 - 460
Published: 1995


The morphology and physiology of Eucalyptus camaldulensis seedlings grown from seed collected from two locations in the dry tropics, two in the humid tropics and two in semi-arid Northern Australia were compared in phytotron growth cabinets under well-watered and water-limited conditions and diurnal temperature ranges of 30-25 and 22-15ºC. Seedlings from the two locations in each climate resembled each other more closely than they resembled seedlings from the other climates across the range of conditions tested. When water-limited, seedlings from the dry tropical and semi-arid climates had a higher allocation of dry matter to roots than seedlings from the humid tropics. However, those from the dry tropics shed their lower leaves and initiated small-leaved axillary shoots while those from the semi-arid climate retained their leaves and did not produce axillary shoots. In contrast, seedlings from the humid tropics responded by reduced gas (CO2 and H2O) exchange without changes in morphology or allocation of dry matter. These responses are appropriate for growth in each climate and are consistent with observations made on wild trees in the field, on trees in plantations overseas and also with data from seedlings grown in earlier glasshouse experiments.

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